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WOOO! Who's having a good time? I know you are.
~ Roman Sionis enjoys Black Canary's song
I wanna kill you. Because without the Joker around...I can. For all your noise and bluster, you're just a...a silly little girl, with no one around to protect her.
~ Sionis to Harley Quinn.
Friends. Brothers. Men of Gotham! I have funded you. I've protected you. I have scratched your backs just to keep you out jail. Now, it's time to say thank you. Go show those little bitches you don't mess with Roman Sionis!!!
~ Black Mask giving a speech to his followers.
Excuse me?!
~ Sionis' last words before Cass plants a grenade in him and eventually gets killed in the explosion.

Roman Sionis, also better known by the alias Black Mask, is the main antagonist of the 2020 DC Extended Universe film Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn).

He is a powerful Gotham City crime lord, the owner of the Black Mask Club, and the boss of Victor Zsasz, who seeks to take control over all of Gotham by acquiring the Bertinelli fortune.

He was portrayed by Ewan McGregor.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Had victims’ faces cut off, including a crime family with a young daughter whom he was about to spare until he saw a snot bubble on her face from crying so hard.
  • Had a woman forcibly strip, just because he thought she was laughing at him.
  • Orchestrated the powerful Bertinelli crime family to be murdered so he can obtain the Bertinelli Diamond.
  • Makes a deal with Harley Quinn for her to obtain the diamond in exchange for her life, which he had no intention to keep when he sent mercenaries to kill Harley and get the diamond.
  • Willing to kill anyone to get the diamond, especially a young Cassandra Cain.


  • Some can argue that Black Mask's initial intention to spare the young daughter of the crime family he killed before changing his mind could be a redeeming quality. However, given his status as Pure Evil, it's possible that Black Mask opted to use the snot bubble on her face as an excuse to kill her and that even if he initially agreed to spare her, he would have left her there on her own still tied upside down with no means to free herself, so his "mercy" would not have been genuine anyway.
  • He is one of two versions of Black Mask to be Pure Evil, along with his comics counterpart.

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