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I'm not happy, you all know, I'm not happy, and despite appearances...this ain't a damned smile on my face.
~ Black Mask.
Before we begin I'd like to discuss the subject of screaming. By saying this — go right ahead.
~ Black Mask.

Roman Sionis, better known as Black Mask, is a major antagonist from DC Comics and is mainly an antagonist for Batman and Catwoman. He is a ruthless, greedy, and egotistical crime lord and mafioso. He is also the son of a very wealthy couple, that died in a fire, which he caused intentionally.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?


  • He burned his parents to death.
  • He disfigures his ex-fiancée Circe's face.
  • He has no mercy towards his henchmen and gruesomely tortures or kills them for petty or self-serving reasons.
  • He kidnaps executives from Wayne Enterprises and melts their faces by making them put on masks with questionable cosmetics.
  • He tortures Maggie Kyle by forcing her to eat parts of her husband, driving her insane in the process.
  • He tortures Stephanie Brown to death with a variety of tools.
  • He caused the deaths of countless people in gang war.
  • He has ordered trafficking, assassinations and even ordered a child to be murdered out of pure spite.
  • He tortures one of Selina Kyle's friends to near death while declaring his intent to torture everyone Selina loves to death while she lives through it.
  • He brutally murdered a hero known as the Orpheus.

New 52

  • Maimed and killed countless innocents while in power as a crime lord.
  • Allies with the Hasigawa crime family and uses their influence to extort and murder his opposition.
  • Tortured Selina's cousin and outed him as a police informant, leaving him alive only so Selina would be forced to kill him, knowing it would torment her.
  • Leads a massacre on Hasigawa's compound and fatally shoots him in the head while intending to move on to and kill his daughter.
  • Attempts to take Hasigawa's territory by threatening and harming people of all ages.
  • Tracks down and murders Hasigawa's hospitalized father as well as several other people in the building.
  • Takes over the False Face Society and puts Selina through torture as revenge for all of his crimes that were thwarted by her.


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