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Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYEEEEEEE!
~ Bill Cipher's most famous quote.
It's time we do a little redecorating! I could really use a CASTLE of some kind! And how about some bubbles of pure MADNESS? This party never stops! Time is dead and meaning has no meaning! Existence is upside down and I reign supreme! Welcome, one and all, to WEIRDMAGEDDON!!!
~ Bill Cipher bringing forth Weirdmageddon.

Bill Cipher is the main antagonist of Disney’s Gravity Falls franchise.

He is a powerful being from the Nightmare Realm who is trillions of years old and is only interested in spreading chaos. He plots to arrive on Earth and spread his malice across that dimension as well, and views his archenemies, the Pines Family, as his ticket to that achievement.

He was voiced by the series creator Alex Hirsch.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He destroyed his homeworld of the Second Dimension by plunging it into fiery chaos, killing all those he had ever known (including his parents), and effectively wiping out his entire species.
    • It was said that he had a bad relationship with his parents and that his home was a place of "flat minds in a flat world with flat dreams", although it doesn't justify his actions in any way.
  • He tormented several historical people with nightmares for failing to create portals for him, including the ancient Egyptians, U.S. president George Washington and film director Stanley Kubrick.
  • He manipulated Stanford into making the portal for him after Fiddleford McGucket witnessed what is on the other side of the portal, which caused Stanford to confront Bill about it and Bill revealing his true nature and goals. When Stanford said he would stop him and shut the portal down, Bill said he couldn't and replied "it would be fun to watch you try".
    • This made Stanford extremely paranoid that he finished the rest of his research on journals, making Stanley push Stanford into the portal where he was lost for 30 years, causing Stanley to take his identity for these past 30 years and fake his death as Stanley Pines.
    • The experience and what Fiddleford witnessed was so horrifying that Fiddleford created a memory gun and erased that bad memory and started using it a lot whenever he experienced a bad memory. He then became a crazy hillbilly and founded the society of the blind eye, where many people's horrifying experiences were erased from their memories, but their lives were being slowly ruined because of the memory gun's effects.
  • After failing to bring Gideon the code to the Mystery Shack's safe, he tries to destroy Stanley Pines' mind, as well as Dipper and his friends.
  • He tricked Dipper and possessed his body to destroy his Journal and leave him as a ghost forever. While possessing his body, he destroyed the laptop that Dipper was using to find Ford and abused Dipper's body in multiple ways.
    • As revealed in Gravity Falls: Journal 3, had Bill succeeded in destroying the journal, he would have jumped off of a water tower in Dipper's body, which would leave the latter in the dream state forever, and make it look like a suicide. Additionally, it's implied that he would have made Mabel do the same out of guilt.
  • He possessed Blendin Blandin and tricked Mabel into giving him the inter-dimensional rift to bring about Weirdmageddon under the pretext that he would make summer endless so Dipper would not remain on Gravity Falls.
  • He brought about Weirdmageddon, in which he caused havoc and destruction throughout Gravity Falls.
  • He imprisoned Mabel in the Prison Bubble so she would remain there forever.
    • While Mabel was much happier there than in the real world, the place was a lie and its inhabitants were disguised monsters who tempted Dipper, Wendy, and Soos into remaining there forever.
  • He deformed Preston Northwest's face after he tried to ally with him.
  • He destroyed all three of Ford's journals and then tried to have 8-Ball and Teeth eat Dipper alive.
  • He tortured Gideon and forced him to do a cute dance in a cage forever when the latter betrayed him.
  • He rounded up Gravity Falls' citizens and stacked them into a throne after they've been made into stone by the Eye Bats.
  • He effortlessly kills Time Baby and all of the Time Police (except Blendin Blandin) as well as reacts apathetically when the former brings up that Weirdmageddon can destroy the very fabric of existence.
  • He attempted to expand Weirdmageddon beyond Gravity Falls to the entire world and then the universe and attempted to manipulate Ford into joining him.
  • He tortured Ford so he could learn how to take Weirdmageddon global.
  • He turned Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Ford's friends into decorations for his castle right in front of them.
  • He threatened to kill Dipper and Mabel if Ford didn't tell him how to take Weirdmageddon global and after capturing them, he tried to kill Dipper or Mabel "just for the heck of it". It's seen through his eye that he would've killed Mabel.
  • While he did agree to leave Dipper, Mabel and Stan alone when Ford agreed to let him into his mind (who was secretly Stanley disguising as Ford), it is implied that even if Ford gives Bill the equation to make Weirdmageddon global for the exchange of getting unlimited power, Bill would kill him and the rest afterward due to Bill always being manipulative through making deals when shaking hands.
  • In his final moments, he cowardly tries to bribe Stan with anything he wants before unsuccessfully trying to kill him for tricking him into going into his mind instead of Ford's.
  • He didn't seem to care for his followers or "friends" (e.g. Pyronica, Keyhole, 8-ball, Kryptos, Hectorgon, Paci-Fire, the Eye Bats, Amorphous Shape, Xanther, Lava lamp shape, and all the other dream demons from the Nightmare Realm), freed them from the Nightmare Realm only to free himself, and he is only kind to them so he can be praised and admired by them. If Bill won and made Weirdmageddon global across the entire universe and destroy the very fabric of existence (stated by the Time Baby), it would be more likely that he would survive the omnicide and it's possible his friends wouldn't survive and wouldn't have any intentions of saving them.
    • Also, after a failed attempt to escape Gravity Falls, Paci-Fire said that he broke something, but Bill just told him to walk it off. After that, he threw a temper tantrum and almost destroyed his castle with his "friends" in it. He also didn't care that they got hurt during a fight with the Mystery Shack mecha and criticized them for their failure.
  • Even though he has many comedic moments, they do not detract from his heinousness. In fact, in some cases, they just show how sadistic he is.
  • Even though he is a Dream Demon and doesn't seem to possess a moral agency (possibly like other Dream Demons), he was a different species in the 2nd Dimension before and he was interested in spreading chaos when he destroyed his dimension and took sadistic pleasure before he went to the Nightmare Realm and became a Dream Demon, which proves he has a moral agency.
  • Unlike other villains in the show who possess some redeeming qualities, don't possess a moral agency (only the supernatural beings), are grey-zoned, aren't taken that seriously, and have tragic backgrounds, Bill lacks any of that and completely changes the tone of the show when he unleashes Weirdmaggeddon, which in comparison, makes him the darkest and most dangerous of all the villains in the show, including all the paranormal beings.


  • He is the only Gravity Falls villain to be Pure Evil.
    • In contrast, Soos Ramirez is the only Gravity Falls hero to be Pure Good. Both are voiced by the show's creator Alex Hirsch.
  • In the non-canon gamebook Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel and the Curse of the Time Pirates' Treasure!, it's stated by the Axolotl that Bill Cipher wasn't as happy as he wanted people to believe he was and he thoroughly missed his homeworld, implying remorse over his actions. Thus, it can be said that Bill Cipher isn't considered Pure Evil in that version. However, it was stated that the book had “one canon secret”. Considering Bill's final words in the show called out the Axolotl's name, it's possible that the Axolotl was the canon secret and if this is true Bill would stop being Pure Evil.
    • Additionally, Bill's final words were a backward message ("A.X.O.L.O.T.L.! My time has come to burn! I invoke the ancient power that I may return!") which tells us that before getting killed by the Stanley Pines (and by extension his twin Stanford), Bill Cipher invokes the Axolotl to return from the dead. The Axolotl's message in said gamebook also includes that if Bill wants redemption, he must invoke the Axolotl's name with the only way to possibly return is to take a different format at a different time. It's currently unknown if Bill truly wants to redeem himself, and if it's because of trying to survive or genuine remorse. If Bill did feel remorse for his actions, that would render him unqualified for Pure Evil status.
    • However, it is also likely that Bill was trying to do so to survive and return to life and not because of genuine remorse due to how he was still spiteful towards Stan Pines in his last moments and because of his clear terror of dying at the time. Whether he did this to save his skin or did feel remorse is not confirmed and is left up to interpretation.
      • Also, Axolotl's words maybe just a mockery.
  • Bill appeared in the "Simpsons" episode "Bart Goes To Jail". This version is not canon and does not count as Pure Evil as it was only a cameo that lasted for 5 seconds.

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