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Show no mercy! Kill the planet. Kill the planet. Kill the planet! Kill the planet! KILL THE PLANET! KILL THE PLANET!!!
~ Big Fish Boss ordering his legions to eradicate a planet.

Big Fish Boss is the main antagonist of the popular CGI musical YouTube show, Ratboy Genius. He is a power-mad warlord who strives to rule the galaxy through the destruction of planets and disruption of solar systems, having manipulated the entire population of sentient fish into mindlessly doing his bidding.

He specifically served as the final antagonist in Galactic Superheroes, the overarching antagonist of Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft and Little King John: THE FLOOD and ultimately the main antagonist in Starship Genius, where he met his defeat.

He was voiced by series creator and composer Ryan Dorin.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Brainwashed the peaceful population of sentient fish that roamed the Galaxy into becoming his unquestioning soldiers, forcing them to forget that they were 'noble and free', and leading them into deadly battle, seeing them as mere game pieces for his plan.
    • Specifically manipulated billions of them into a path of self destruction and was established to be willing to sacrifice all of them.
  • Anihilated a planet for seemingly no reason, ordering his legions to show no mercy. Was seen in the background wreaking similar destruction on innocent planets as the Professor was explaining his plan.
    • Sucked the energy out of stars to power the electric currents through which his legions swam.
  • Attempted to eradicate the entire Galaxy of those who fought him, using his greatest attack, aptly named The Final Charge.
  • Though the Final Charge was converted into Little King John's dimension, the excess water ended up flooding the entire world, meaning that Big Fish Boss indirectly killed nearly all life in a dimension.
  • Mutilated the Galactic Superhero George by gnawing off his arms in close combat.
    • Caused the Galactic Superheroes to crash on the Red Planet, where they were stranded and traumatized for almost a year.


  • Big Fish Boss is the only Ratboy Genius villain to be Pure Evil.

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