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Alphonse “Big Boy” Caprice is the main antagonist in the 1990 film Dick Tracy.

He is a power-hungry gangster and Dick Tracy's archenemy.

He was portrayed by Al Pacino, who also played John Milton in The Devil's Advocate.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Has several gangsters from a rival gang shot to death whilst playing cards.
    • The novelization reveals that Big Boy even ordered the gangster who reported their location to him, killed anyway.
  • After his former mentor, Lips surrenders all his possessions to Big Boy, Big Boy has him tortured and killed regardless. Laughing at Lips' pleas to at least kill him quickly, Big Boy ties him up in a crate, buries the sobbing man up to his neck in cement, locks the crate and then dumps the crate into the sea.
    • The novelization divulges that Big Boy had tricked Lips by promising he'd be allow to leave town if he'd surrendered everything.
  • Forces Lips' girlfriend, Breathless, to be his moll, he then constantly hits, threatens and otherwise abuses her throughout the film.
  • Attempts to kill a cop, Bugs, the same way he killed Lips.
  • Arranges the Deputy Attorney in his pocket to be killed so he can frame Tracy for it.
  • Sacrifices his men as a distraction by ordering them to meet him at Club Ritz, only to secretly escape and abandon them to their death.
  • Tries to kill Tess, Tracy's girlfriend, by putting her head between two giant clockwork gears.


  • He and Judge Turpin are the only Stephen Sondheim villains to be Pure Evil.

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