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Water cannot defeat fire. Nor can your spirit. And I will break your spirit, I promise.
~ Benatu Eshu to Mari McCabe/Vixen.

General Benatu Eshu is the main antagonist of the web series Vixen, being the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1 and the main antagonist of Season 2.

He is a former warlord and later Zambesi ambassador who sought the Totems of Zambesi. He is also the one responsible for the annihilation of the Zambesi Village, the home of his arch-nemesis Mari McCabe/Vixen.

He was voiced by Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who also voiced Drago Bludvist in DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Prior to the events of the series, he was a corrupt military general who abused his position and had committed multiple war crimes.
  • It's heavily implied that in his search for the Zambesi totems across Africa, he killed and interrogated who knew of their whereabouts.
  • Lead his men to raid the Zambesi village, killing most of its residents including women and children. Even the animals. After one of the totem bearers escaped, Eshu had the village burnt down in anger.
  • Upon arriving in Detroit years later as a Zambesi ambassador, he had a collector steal the Fire Totem from a museum before using it to kill him when he demanded his payment.
  • He publicly renounced his ambassador status and goes on a rampage through Detroit, setting buildings on fire and killing countless people.
  • He broadcast himself to the entire city, demanding the totem from Mari or he'll burn down the entire city and everyone in it.
  • Killing Kuasa with the Fire Totem right in front of Mari McCabe.
  • During their first fight, Eshu taunted Mari about their resemblance as a means of distracting her so he could kill her and take her totem.
  • He has no excuse or justifiable reason for his actions other than his thirst for power and control using the totems.


  • Benatu Eshu is, so far, the only Pure Evil villain from an animated show set in the Arrowverse. All other Pure Evil villains from the Arrowverse have appeared in live-action shows.
  • Near at the end of Season 3 of the Arrowverse series Legends of Tomorrow, most if not all of Benatu Eshu's actions have been undone due to the Legends' intervention in saving Zambesi from destruction.

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