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'Who are you?' and 'What do you want?', the snake wonders. (laughs) I go by many, many colorful names. The Nightcrawler, the Festering Cloak, the Phantom of Imp City. (giggles) In Hell, I am known as Zestial Morde to my enemies, but you're not my enemy, are you? Ah, the snake quivers in fear... (laughs) But, let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet an ambitious fellow such as yourself, and you may call me by my true name... Beelzebub.
~ Beelzebub introducing himself to Sir Pentious.
And what have the plebians been dining on? [...] Eugh! Even that's too much. New law! My subjects are to eat every last morsel of food they are given. I don't want to see a single apple core, seed, or banana peel uneaten. They are to clean their plates- Y'know what? Screw it- Eat their plates, until their hearts palpitate and they're drowning in their own perspiration. Is that clear?
~ Beelzebub to his right-hand man, Mr. P.

Beelzebub, also known by his alias Zestial Morde, is a major antagonist in Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light.

He serves as a minor antagonist in Seasons 1 and 3, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Satan) of Season 2, a minor antagonist in Season 4, and will return in Season 5 as a major antagonist.

Beelzebub is a proud, cruel, and manipulative spider demon, the king of Hell's Gluttony Ring, and one of Satan's most loyal, powerful, and highest-ranking underlings. When venturing into Hell's other rings, he has acted as an Overlord under the name of Zestial, keeping his true identity and intentions hidden to the majority of Hell's populace. He governs with terror over the denizens of Hell, especially the weak and destitute imps, as his fondness for hunting and devouring them has led him to organize hunts led by his underlings, sending them to capture demons and deliver them to his lair so that he could enjoy the despair of sinners before they would be eaten on the spot, or be stored for later consumption in his webs.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

In General

  • Although he seems to be very loyal to Satan, wishing to free it from Purgatory and wanting to outrank Lucifer to become its top servant, it's not out of genuine loyalty, but rather because Beelzebub wants to eradicate all life, and they work together only because they share the same goal.
  • Although he hates Lucifer, he does not hate him for any moral reasons; he only hates the King of Hell because Satan chose him as its top servant, due to the fallen angel possessing more power than Beelzebub. Although he did taunt Lucifer for his volatile relationship with Charlie by mockingly calling him "father of the year", it is clear he only did so because he enjoys mocking Lucifer whenever he can, and not out of disgust for the abuse he puts Charlie through.
  • It is implied that he seeks to assist Satan in escaping Purgatory while being completely aware that doing so would damn all life in the Universe.


  • Like the other Seven Deadly Sins, Beelzebub established and founded Hell, turning the realm into a paradise for demons and sinners where they could indulge in any crime they desired and prey on the weak. Beelzebub encourages Gluttony in others, and like many of Hell's rulers, enforces the system in Hell where imps are regarded as an inferior slave race.
  • Over his centuries in Hell, he devoured millions of demons, with the destitute imps being his preferred targets, as he views them as weak and easy targets. Due to this, he is nicknamed "The Phantom of Imp City". A poster referencing his hobby for devouring imps is also visibly seen.
  • He needlessly tortures his captured prey, some of them by toying with them, having his insects devour parts of their bodies, and rolling a dice to decide their fate in order to give them hope of survival, only to murder them regardless. He also often leaves his prey in a paralyzed, confused, and agonized state by injecting venom into them using his fangs, and wraps them in webs for later consumption. To top it off, he is extremely sadistic towards his victims, playfully toying with them, mockingly repeating their panicked cries for mercy, and laughing at them for bringing up their families in a bid for mercy.
  • Regularly spreads numerous plagues across Hell, infecting millions of demons and leading thousands to die slow, miserable, and painful deaths.
  • Due to his extremely gluttonous nature, he frequently has his underlings steal and hoard food from across the seven rings of Hell, leaving thousands of the needier and less fortunate demons to starve.
  • He preyed on unfortunate Hellhounds seeking refuge from the oppressive laws of the Sloth Ring by offering them food and homes in his ring of Gluttony, only to hunt down and capture nearly every Sloth-born Hellhound and bring them to his fortress for feeding.
  • He decorates his castle in Gluttony with the bodies and bones of his victims, such as keeping their bones as trinkets, mounting their heads on a wall, or using their bodies as morbid display pieces.

Season 1

  • Is shown to revel and find enjoyment in the annual Exterminations, as shown by him watching the event from the safety of Lucifer's penthouse with a smile.
  • Shows no love towards his niece Charlie, and even makes fun of her when he reads about her project of the Happy Hotel, and stated that he would enjoy handing her to Satan.
  • When one of his captured imps says he wants to say goodbye to his family one last time, Beelzebub sadistically taunts him by saying that he will "take care" of the family before devouring him.

Season 2

  • Manipulated Sir Pentious into stealing the Medallions of Virtue from the Happy Hotel crew to ensure that the angels Forti and Manco would remain in their torturous prisons forever, and lied to Pentious that he would make him an Overlord if he did so.
  • When his right-hand man, Mr. P, informed him that the less fortunate denizens of Hell were having to eat out of the trash just to survive, Beelzebub immediately imposed stricter eating laws so that they would not even have trash to eat.
  • Although he is seemingly friendly to Sir Pentious, Beelzebub truly sees him as a mere pawn and would have betrayed him if Sir Pentious returned with the Medallions of Virtue. It is even implied that he knew Pentious would fail to destroy the Medallions and set him up to be defeated to amuse himself and rub in Pentious' face that he would always be a failure.

Season 3

  • Took Vaggie, Niffty and Angel Dust to Satan so that it could psychologically torture them about their tragic pasts as a way to lure in Charlie.
  • He restrained Charlie along with Lucifer and the VVV Overlords and forced her to watch as Satan tortured Vaggie further.

Season 4

  • He had Verosika Mayday outfitted with a chastity belt, a device that would torture her every time she experienced sexual feelings, to punish her for inadvertently unleashing a fish monster on Earth. What makes this especially heinous is that Verosika would have essentially starved to death overtime with the belt on her as succubi cannot live for long without sexual intercourse. When Verosika attempted to remind him of this, Beelzebub responded by cracking a cruel joke and watched as the belt was placed on her with sadistic amusement.
  • Upon hearing that Leviathan was slain by Millie, Beelzebub devised a plan to kill I.M.P, now aware of the threat imps could pose if left unchecked, starting with tasking his underlings with kidnapping Millie's family.
    • Though he does claim he is doing this to "help" Lucifer, it is pretty clear he is doing this for his own interest and uses his false friendship with Lucifer as an excuse of "helping" him.


  • So far, Beelzebub is, alongside Satan, Belphegor, Valentino and the Cambion Slave Driver, the one of the five only Hazbin Hotel villains to be Pure Evil, and by extension the only ones to come out of a fanfic.
  • While Beelzebub is currently Pure Evil, this could change in the future with the reveal in Season 4 that he has a daughter known as Beelze. Though, whether or not Beelzebub cares for her is unknown, due to her not appearing onscreen as of yet and only being passingly mentioned by Seviathan and Moxxie.
  • He is one of the versions of Beelzebub to be Pure Evil, alongside Belzebuth from the 2017 film of the same name.

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