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To obtain something, you must give something up. And I'm giving you guys up.
~ Basco as he betrayed the Red Pirates.

Basco ta Jolokia is a privateer of the Space Empire Zangyack who seeks the Greatest Treasure in the Universe for his own gain. He was a member of the Red Pirates together with Marvelous and AkaRed before he betrayed the two. He appears to have a cheery, jovial, and humorous personality, yet his personal and practical threat level make him and the episodes he is in worse than even his Zangyack employers.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • In order to get the Greatest Treasure in the Universe as his own, he betrayed the Red Pirates to the Zangyack. This leads to AkaRed seemingly dying to protect Marvelous.
  • Uses the Sixth and Extra Ranger Keys as his mindless henchmen using the Rappararta.
  • In his debut episode, he captures Captain Marvelous' crew and uses them as hostages to get him to surrender the other Ranger Keys, Gokai Galleon, and Navi.
  • Spends the next episodes finding Greater Powers and taking them through his Rappararta by force. He succeeds at gaining five Greater Powers.
  • Threatens a child's life to force the former GoPink into giving up the GoGoFive Greater Power. He also showed he was willing to go through with this threat when it looked like Matsuri and the female Gokaigers are taking too long for him.
  • He secretly has a stronger monster-like true form that even AkaRed was horrified of. He also committed enough horrible crimes to gain a Z=3,000,000 bounty from the Space Empire Zangyack. When he reveals it to the Gokaigers, he breaks Gai's arms and injures the rest. He only spares him so that them getting the Greater Powers makes it easier for them.
  • Rigs Moroboshi High School with bombs as a threat to gain the Megarangers' Greater Power.
  • Betrays his Zangyack acquaintance Damaras after Captain Marvelous' execution was stopped by Doc by literally stabbing him in the back. He made it look like he killed the other Gokaigers because letting Damaras kill them would make it more difficult to gain the Greater Powers. This leads to Damaras' death and him cutting ties with Zangyack.
  • He shoots his own pet monkey (the closest thing to a Morality Pet), claiming to no longer have use for her due to the last remaining of their Giant Battle Psudeo-Lifeforms being destroyed. While this ends up being staged in order for Sally to infiltrate the Gokai Galleon and steal the Ranger Keys, he knew Sally would have second thoughts and decide not to help him in this plan. So he blows Sally up with a necklace-like bomb just to kill Marvelous, which while it doesn't succeed in killing him due to Sally secretly stuffing the bomb in her chest in order to minimize the blow, it does seriously injure him.
  • After taking over the Gokai Galleon after defeating the other Gokaigers, he holds Navi prisoner, as the robot parrot is the key to the Greatest Treasure (which turns out to be literally). When Navi tries to escape, he sends the Gokaiger Ranger Keys he stole to capture him using the Rapparata (not knowing the Gokaigers sans Marvelous secretly entered the galleon and defeated their own Ranger Key clones).


  • In episode 39, it seemed like Basco showed genuine care towards Sally and even blocks a finishing move to protect her, only for him to betray and then kill her in episode 47. It's likely the only reason he saved Sally from the attacks is because he still needs her to unleash the Giant Battle Psudeo-Lifeforms as losing all of them precedes Basco's betrayal (At the time of Basco saving Sally, three of them are already lost and he summons 2 more immediately after saving Sally.)
  • As Gokaiger is likened with Kamen Rider Decade, Basco is the counterpart to the rival figure of Decade; Kamen Rider Diend, due to Basco's abilities to summon past rangers to fight for him and the drive to obtain treasure, even if it meant stabbing some backs. Unlike Basco, Diend is not Pure Evil as he has some sense of honor and redeeming traits and is even an on and off ally to the heroes.


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