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Bartholomew Bogue is the main antagonist of the 2016 action-western film The Magnificent Seven. He is a powerful, ruthless and corrupt industrialist and Sam Chisholm's arch-nemesis.

He was portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard.

What Make Him Pure Evil?

  • Before the events of the movie, he had his men rape and murder Chisolm's mother and sisters, being about to kill the latter as well.
  • He takes over the town of Rose Creek only to force its inhabitants to work horribly in their mines, only to be able to obtain the gold and become even richer.
  • He burns a church just to show how dangerous he is.
  • He kills Matthew Cullen simply for confronting him and then orders his men to kill more people who were in the place. He then orders the town sheriff not to remove the corpses and to keep them just to give them a reminder.
  • Kill the town sheriff for giving him bad news.
  • He orders his men to attack the inhabitants of Rose Creek after they rebel against him.
  • Seeing that the inhabitants of Rose Creek are giving him a fight, Bogue opts for plan B, taking out a Gatling gun and firing it 3 times at the town, not caring at all that his men are still there, killing many people.
  • He is responsible for the death of 4 of the 7 protagonists of the film (Josh Faraday, Goodnight Robicheaux, Billy Rocks and Jack Horne).
  • He tries to kill Chisolm in the church instead of apologizing for his sins, which he would have done if Emma, Matthew's wife, hadn't suddenly appeared to finish him off.


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