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I won't tell you who the traitor is, or when we'll attack. However, the Duke will die before these eyes, and he'll know, he'll know, that it is I, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, who encompasses his doom!
~ Harkonnen's explaining his master plan

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is the main antagonist of Frank Herbert's novel Dune, as well as the film and television adaptations of the novel. He is a corrupt, sadistic aristocrat who plans to destroy the Altreides family and seize the throne of the planet Arrakis.

In the 1984 film adaptation, he is portrayed by the late Kenneth McMillan. In the 2000 miniseries, he is portrayed by Ian McNeice. In the 2021 film adaptation, he is played by Stellan Skarsgard, who also portrayed Martin Vanger in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • Raping Mohaim.
  • Raping dozens of boys and young men.
  • Torturing and murdering his political enemies and even his own henchmen.
  • Conspiring with Paddish Emperor Shaddam IV to destroy House Atreides, knowing so well of his jealousy to Duke Leto Atreides.
  • Kidnapping Wanna.
  • Killing Yueh.
  • Corrupting Thufir Hawat into his service.
  • Slaughtering several female slaves.
  • Driving Alia to suicide.

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