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When you get to where I am, you can just create your own truths. Anytime you want.
~ Blaise Debeste.

Bansai Ichiyanagi, known as Blaise Debeste in the fan translation, is the overarching antagonist of Gyakuten Kenji 2 (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth- Prosecutor's Path). He is the overarching antagonist of the entire Ace Attorney franchise, being responsible for driving Manfred Von Karma into villainy. He also set in course events for numerous murders.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Caused two PE villains to become evil. (Manfred Von Karma and Dahlia Hawthorne) Him deflecting the forgery onto Manfred Von Karma lead to Von Karma murdering Gregory Edgeworth, in turn leading to the downfall of the Fey clan, causing Dahlia Hawthorne to become a serial killer. He also is responsible for Simon Keyes turning out how he did, due to setting up the events that led to Simon witnessing his crimes.
  • Made many people disappear if they inconvenienced him, including his wife.
  • Toyed with people's lives for his own sadistic amusement, such as promising them lesser sentences if they confessed, only to prosecute them fully anyway, just to see the looks on their faces.
  • Abused his son Yumihiko both emotionally and mentally.
  • Caused his son to have a nervous breakdown just to get him to leave the courtroom for several minutes for no reason other than to show the absolute power he had on those around him. He also did this when he was on trial, trying to mentally break him once more to stop him from delivering incriminating evidence against him.
  • Was a partner in hiring Sirhan Dogen to kill the president and replacing him with his body double, a crime committed out of pure greed.
  • He had the body double murder Jack Cameron, a journalist who happened to witness the murder plot.
  • Killed Jill Crane when she tried to confront him for his involvement in her boyfriend's death.
  • Tried to pin the murder on Kay Faraday, due to her temporary amnesia making her an easy target.
  • He attempted to torment Miles Edgeworth to stop him from discovering his plot, showing his abuse didn't stop at his son.
  • Started a smuggling ring and auctioned off police evidence purely for greed.
  • Used his authority to bend the legal system to his will, throwing people off his trail by making scapegoats out of other members of law enforcement.
  • He contributed to the suffering of everyone living in Zheng-Fa by installing a corrupt murderer into office. While it wasn't his intention, he was aware of how evil the body double was.
  • He gave Patricia Roland command of a prison full of dangerous criminals, turning a blind eye as she abused her power completely. Like the Zheng Fa body double, he was aware of Roland's true nature.
  • Sent some of his goons to kidnap John Marsh, but they accidentally kidnapped his son, traumatizing him.
  • Showed no loyalty to anyone but himself unless someone had the power to help him significantly. His protectiveness of Patricia Roland was because she could implicate him as one of the president's murderers rather than defending her out of any care for her as a person.

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