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The Bacon General is the secondary antagonist of the Roblox Animated Movie Franchise The Last Guest. He is the main antagonist of the first two movies and a posthumous antagonist in the rest, he also appear as a minor posthumous antagonist in Blox Watch.. He is the leader of the Bacons, a type of player with the Pal Hair. He is also the father of Jez.

Through the series he was a terrorist who commanded his army in order to hunt and kill innocent Guests while training Bacon teenagers to become soldiers with a hatred of guests as well.

He was voiced by Chazz Ravenelle.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • The General always had a extreme deep hatred for Guests, always killing and enslaving them. According to the Teacher, this is because of how Guests mistreated Bacons and were always trash-talking about them, it is unknown if this is true or not.
  • He wanted his son to grow up to become a soldier just like him, as he killed his own wife while framing the guests for him, in order to make him have a hatred of Guests, scolded him for drawing instead of training and brought him to fight in the war. On his last words, he admitted to doing that so that his son can become a strong and powerful leader.
  • Off-screen, The General formed a army with thousands of Bacon Hairs with the objective to terrorize Roblox and kill as many Guests as possible. According to a teacher, the reason they do this is because Bacons were oppressed and treated as criminals in the past.
  • While Guest 1337 as a kid was playing in the playground, the Bacon General killed his parents and ran away without noticing the kid.


  • Even if he's fan-made, him and Bacon Colonel are the ROBLOX villain to be Pure Evil.
    • They are also the only ObliviousHD villians to be Pure Evil.

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