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Azuras was the main antagonist of the comic book Black Sun. He was the father to the main protagonist, Margaret Sun. He wanted to use his demonic army to spread chaos and take over the world.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • When he married Jade and had a daughter Margaret, he wanted to manipulate her and use her for his goals.
  • While working with Zhao in his company to produce popular toys, he put the radiation into the toys in hopes of using it to one day to allow his demons to take possession of the children.
  • Caused the massacre of workers in one of the warehouses, which ended demon appeared and killed a couple of the workers and some of the workers ended up getting possessed by the demons.
  • When he came to Zhao at home he murdered a woman by breaking her neck.
  • Threatened Zhao with death if he would give up his secrets and reveal his plans.
  • Possessed Zhao and forced him to do his bidding.
  • Sent a possessed man to deliver a pearl necklace to Margaret.
  • Used Margaret, his own daughter as a pawn, and wanted to make her a part of his demon army.
  • Possessed Zhao and and shoot Zhao's brother Hsu when tried to investigate Azuras's crimes.
  • Tested his products on multiple people and get them possessed by demons and go to rampage in the city.
  • Tried to kill Margaret, who was his own daughter, by pushing her out of the skyscraper after she found out about his crimes.
  • Put himself into Margaret's mind and taunted her that it was her destiny to serve him.
  • Possessed Margaret's boyfriend Nathan Randall.
  • Activated his radioactive toys getting thousands of children possessed by the demons.
  • Ordered his demons to cause chaos in the city.
  • Intended to take over the world with his demon army.
  • Made Nathan lure Margaret and tie her up.
  • Tried to make Margaret join his side.
  • Attacked Margaret and licked her, taunting her that her passion was strong and he looked forward to break her spirit.
  • After Margaret fought him, he again tried to make her join his side.