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Thank you, Bogdan; Thank you, Mr. Crest; Thank you, silent psychotic peons, but this, this is where I say arrivederci... no, I mean get ready... I mean, this is where... I'm in charge, me and Cliffford. Go f-ck yourself, losers! Yes, losers!
~ Avon Hertz to the Protagonists.
You can't stop progress, you fools! I'm the future! I'm a tidal wave of tsunamis! I cannot be stopped! Cliffford cannot be stopped!
~ Avon Hertz.
Avon Hertz... yes, the Avon Hertz. Don't act all weird, I'm just a normal genius. I do very normal things like kite surf with presidents and date b-list actresses. I bleed real tears, this is real hair. I program and I have actual emotions... I'm sort of like one of those things that is good at lots of things.
~ Avon Hertz introducing himself to the protagonists.

Avon Hertz is a major antagonist in Grand Theft Auto Online, serving as the main antagonist of the DLC The Doomsday Heist.

Hertz is a billionaire tech mogul who had created the neural supercomputer interface Clifford. He initially appears to be a good guy who wants to stop a nuclear war from occurring. However, as the heist progresses, it's revealed that Hertz and Clifford are the ones behind the planned war with the intentions to bring about the extinction of the human race.

He was voiced by Sean McGrath.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Conspired with his AI Clifford to wipe out humanity with a nuclear war until only he was the sole survivor so he could replace humans with sentient robots in his own dystopian new world. It should be noted that despite his beliefs that his plan will be an evolution, he would have died as the last human because he didn't plan on gathering some humans for breeding purposes.
  • Wrongfully framed the Russian terrorist Bogdan for his nuclear conspiracy and made himself look innocent.
  • Ordered the Protagonists to infiltrate into the NOOSE Headquarters to collect information for Clifford.
  • Sends the Protagonists after Bogdan and ordered them to destroy the Ramius, Bogdan's submarine, to kill him. This action resulted in most of Bogdan's men getting killed.
  • Betrayed the Protagonists after Bogdan insisted on his innocence and revealed that Clifford could finally hack all the systems aboard the Ramius, the IAA and the entire San Andreas defense network, taking control of the US government.
  • Had Clifford initiate the self-destruction sequence of the Ramius to kill the Protagonists and Bodgan so it could erase all incriminatory evidence towards him. Although the Protagonists and Bogdan escaped with their lives, the rest of Bogdan's men still on board perished in the explosion.
  • Sends the Clifford Mercenaries after Agent 14, Phoenicia Rackman and Agent ULP.
  • Tried to send a nuclear missile with Clifford from a secret base on Mount Chilliad.
  • Following Clifford's defeat, despite the AI literally saying he would try to kill Avon, he still tried to escape so he could resurrect Clifford with his original code despite the threat his traitorous AI presented and having expressed his intentions to kill all humans including himself.
  • Although he does care about Clifford, it's more or less admiring himself as he created Clifford.
  • Though he can be considered an homage to various spy-fiction villains like Hugo Drax and a parody of real life billionaires, notably Elon Musk, his actions, while over-the-top, are not played for laughs.


  • Avon Hertz, along with Donald Love, is one of the two Grand Theft Auto villains to be Pure Evil (not including villains from the connected Bully and Manhunt video games).
    • Hertz is the only Pure Evil villain from the GTA HD Universe, and is also the only Pure Evil villain to appear in Grand Theft Auto Online.
    • However, it can be argued that Hertz is a lot worse than Love, as Love would not have gone to the point of exterminating humanity for his whims. Though unlike Love, whose fate is left ambiguous after leaving with the Oriental Gentleman, Hertz was killed by the Protagonists.

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