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Rutherine "Ruth" Chandler is the main antagonist of the novel and its film adaptation The Girl Next Door, which is based on the murder of Sylvia Likens by Gertrude Baniszewski, which Aunt Ruth is based on.

She is portrayed by Blanche Baker.


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Whats Make Her Pure Evil?

  • Called Meg a "slut" and gives misogynstic sermons in front of her children.
  • Groomed her children into becoming antisocial juveniles.
  • Starved Meg.
  • Falsely accused Susan of hurting her children and forced her to pull her panties down so that she could beat her buttocks.
  • Punished Meg for reporting child abuse by locking her in the basement.
  • Encouraged her children to physically and sexually abuse Meg.
  • Punished Meg with rape after she tried to escape.
  • Threatened to kill Meg and David.
  • Forced Meg to endure hot showers, masturbate with glass bottles and eat dog feces.
  • Carved the words "I F*CK/F*CK ME" on Meg's abdomen after she was raped by Willie.
  • Burned Meg's clitoris with a blowtorch.
  • Caused Meg's death due to the numerous tortures.
  • Blamed Meg for her own death to the police (novel only).
  • Secretly molested Susan and planned to torture and murder her next.
  • Planned to kill her own children and David.

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