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Arthur Watts, also known simply as Dr. Watts, was one of the main antagonists in the ongoing anime-influenced animated webseries RWBY. He was one of Salem’s closest subordinates and was the arch-nemesis to General Ironwood. He acted as one of the main antagonists of Volume 7 (alongside Tyrian Callows).

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Helped Tyrian murder most of the attendees at Robyn Hill's victory party and placed the blame on Penny by doctoring the security drone footage.
  • Switched off the heating grid in Mantle in order to freeze the citizens to death, which also allowed Salem and an army of Grimm to invade the city.
  • Trapped James Ironwood's flesh and blood left arm in a hard light shield, resulting in him sustaining third degree burns on his left arm when he pulled it out, leading to him having to get another cybernetic arm.
  • Hacked Penny Polendina with a command to "self-terminate" after opening the Atlas Vault, due to the fact that "he would have no use for her".
  • Helped Cinder and Neo murder a room full of unarmed Atlesian faculty workers.
  • Used a self-destruct program on a hacked Atlesian Knight droid in an attempt to kill Qrow, Robyn, and the Ace-Ops.
  • Made a second attempt to murder them by hacking into Ironwood's bomb, as well as leveling the city of Mantle, which was currently still evacuating.

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