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Not so cocky now are we Miss Shepherd? I can't wait to show your daddy what's left of you...
~ Arthur, as he reveals his true nature.
I've been calling you all zombies for years. Now f-ck off!
~ Arthur's most famous quote as he defies his former pupils.

Arthur Savage is the main antagonist of the 2017 Black Comedy musical film Anna and the Apocalypse. He is the power-hungry assistant headmaster of the secondary school attended by the titular protagonist Anna Shepherd and her classmates, the boss of Tony Shepherd and the eventual arena master of the horde of zombies invading the world.

He was portrayed by Paul Kaye.



Savage was a cruel, mean-spirited, abusive and remorseless man full of megalomania, sadism and psychopathy. He was also very weak-willed and pathetic however something shown through his abusive and petty behaviour towards his own students. Savage is also a very mentally disturbed man who is a blatant lunatic lacking any care for any being to the point of viewing a zombie apocalypse as a good thing for humanity and a chance to enjoy himself before meeting his inevitable doom.


Savage was a tall, slender man wearing a brown tweed suit, mustard shirt, black speckled tie and chocolate coloured shoes as well as thick rimmed glasses. His skin was pale, his eyes were blue and he had short floppy, strawberry blonde hair with a matching beard.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Refusing to help Bea, an old woman with a heart condition as she wasn't a "priority".
  • Murdering John's mother for standing up to him and letting her corpse get eaten by zombies.
  • Letting hordes of zombies invade his school killing hundreds of people.
  • Mocking Anna for the death of John (novel only)
  • Torturing Tony Shepherd and forcing him to watch his daughter Anna fight her way through zombies to save him.
    • Also tormenting Anna by bullying and threatening to kill her father in front of her.
  • Trying to kill both Tony and Anna in a last ditch effort for control.