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Art the Clown is the main antagonist of the 2013 low-budget horror film All Hallows' Eve, along with its 2017 sequel Terrifier. He is an extremely sadistic and demonic killer mime who appears on Halloween nights to wreak havoc. The character appears in many of director Damien Leone's works, originating in the short film The 9th Circle before taking on a more prominent role in feature horror films.

He was portrayed by Mike Giannelli in All Hallows' Eve, and by David Howard Thornton in Terrifier.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • In All Hallows' Eve, he:
    • Drugs and kidnaps several women, sending them to be raped by the Devil, and eaten by evil creatures or other demons. These may be perhaps the most abhorrent things he's done so far in his franchise, other than serial killing.
    • Kills a gas station worker, dismembers him with a hacksaw.
    • Kills an unknown victim by devouring his face offscreen.
    • Shoots a costume designer's savior in the head.
    • Kidnaps and leaves said costume designer alive after amputating her arms and legs, cutting off her breasts and carving misogynistic slurs into her body, giving her a fate so much worse than death.
    • Rips apart and decapitates two young siblings, Timmy and Tia, in their own bed, leaving them for their babysitter to find and writes his name on the wall with their blood.
  • In Terrifier, he:
    • Kills two pizzeria workers by turning one's decapitated head into a jack-o'-lantern, and then stabbing the other in the face 10 times after amputating all of the fingers on his right hand, just because they kicked him out for rubbing the walls in their restroom with his feces.
    • Vertically cuts Dawn in half right in front of her friend Tara with a hacksaw.
    • Fights dirty against Tara (who uses a huge wooden plank) by pretending to be weak before shooting her in the leg, proceeding to shoot her 6 times in the face, leaving her corpse for her sister Victoria to find.
    • Wears a cat lady's scalped hair and skinned breasts after she tries to empathize with him, which she bleeds out from.
    • Tries to suffocate Victoria to death with a plastic bag.
    • Whips Victoria to near death as she grieves over her sister's dead body.
    • Stabs a man in the head with a knife and then beheads him with a machete, before kicking his head like a soccer ball.
    • Curb-stomps a fumigator's head until it explodes right in front of Victoria.
    • Rams Victoria with a car and then eats her face off once she's unconscious, leaving her physically and mentally scarred for life.
    • Strangles a coroner to death after shooting himself in the mouth right in front of the cops.

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