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Ares is the main antagonist in the 2018 Netflix animated film Next Gen. He used a robotic copy of his creator, Justin Pin, and plotted to destroy humanity to make the world “perfect”. He is the archenemy of 7723.

He was voiced by Jason Sudeikis, who also played Oscar in Colossal.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He murdered his creator, Justin Pin and used a robotic copy to impersonate as him, after learning that humanity is not "perfect".
  • He turned the IQ Bots into bombs and used them in his plan to wipe out all of humanity in order to make the entire world "perfect" as he viewed.
  • He kidnaps Mia's mother, Molly to solely serve as bait and lure Mia and 7723.
  • He killed Dr. Tanner Rice in cold blood using a vaporizing gun while impersonating as his creator with no remorse.
  • While fighting 7723 in the stadium, he almost succeeded in killing everyone there using the IQ Bots before Mai warns them.
  • After rejecting 7723's offer of reaching to him and finding the error in his way, his impersonation of Justin attempted to kill Mai if 7723 did not surrender.
  • After the main body was too damaged to kill the now memory erased 7723, he used his Justin Pin copy to attempt to finish the job by killing 7723.
  • Although Ares claims to be well-intentioned because humanity wasn't "perfect" and declares that without humanity, there will be no pain, conflict, or injustice, it falls flat in the end because he is no more perfect than anyone else, and when 7723 tells him that no one is perfect, Ares tells him, "I am!", showing that Ares is really a self-righteous, delusional egomaniac who views himself as superior to everyone else. It also mirrors a reflection towards Mai's hatred on robots and how the real world treated her, shows that he represents what Mai could've been if 7723 wasn't there.

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