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I will tell you this, to take with you - your wife was far sweeter forced than many are willing. And, truth put to it, I think not all of her objected.
~ Cunningham taunting Rob Roy about raping his wife

Archibald Cunningham is the main antagonist of the 1995 film Rob Roy.

He is a sadistic British nobleman who brutalizes the Scottish people at the behest of his relative, the Marquess of Montrose, and who rapes Rob Roy's wife, Mary.

He was portrayed by Tim Roth, who also played Abomination in The Incredible Hulk.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • He rapes virtually every woman he meets.
  • It is implied that he once "buggered" a boy.
  • When asked about his male victim, he shrugs it off by saying, "In my defense, I thought him a girl at the time."
  • He impregnates Montrose's maid, Betty, and abandons her, saying "There will be one more bastard in Scotland".
  • He spends his employer's money without doing any actual work.
  • He and Montrose's other henchman, Killearn, steal Rob Roy's money.
  • He kills Rob Roy's best friend.
  • He burns down Rob Roy's house.
  • He slaughters Rob's livestock.
  • He rapes Rob's wife, Mary.
  • After raping Mary, he gloats to her that she was a "fine fit" for his "scabbard",
  • He captures Rob and tortures him, tying him to a horse and having him dragged along the ground.
  • He insinuates to Rob that Mary enjoyed it when he raped her.
  • He tries to kill Rob in a duel.

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