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I am the rocks of the eternal shore. Crash against me and be BROKEN!
~ Apocalypse fighting the X-Men.
Evil? I am not malevolent. I simply am...which soon will be more than I can say for you! (blasts at Cable for a few seconds) But then again, I am given pause to wonder...is it possible you are correct, mutant? I have been battling your kind for thousands of years. I ought to have triumphed long ago. But what if, like tortured Sisyphus, I cannot win. Ever! What a cruel joke. Am I doomed to struggle with such filth until the end of time? Perhaps my newfound power [to time travel] can show me the answer!
~ Apocalypse when cornering Cable, who calls him evil.

En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse, is the main antagonist of X-Men: The Animated Series. He is an ancient and extremely powerful mutant whose ultimate goal is to rule the entire planet and remake it in his own image.

He was voiced by the late John Colicos and by James Blendick after John's passing.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • With help from Mystique disguising herself as Dr. Gottfried Adler, Apocalypse tortured and brainwashed four innocent mutants who wanted to be cured (one of whom was Warren Worthington a.k.a. Angel) into his minions called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, ordering them to go on a worldwide rampage afterwards.
    • Mystique also states that Dr. Adler "was real...until he met Apocalypse", indicating that he murdered the real one.
  • He ordered Mystique to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly, thus creating an alternate future where Sentinels rule the world.
  • He created a slow-acting deadly virus that affects both humans and mutants, spreading it throughout the public and starting a war so he can rule the world amidst what's left. When Bishop entered the current timeline and prevented this from happening, it created an alternate future where nobody discovered a vaccine for those still infected and thus everybody on Earth died.
    • During the timeline for said alternate future, Apocalypse also disintegrated Bishop and most of the X-Men in one fell swoop completely onscreen.
  • He kidnaps numerous psychics across the galaxy, planning on using their power to destroy the timestream and thus all life outside the Axis of Time (a small planet-like base in limbo which is immune to the very concept of time itself) so he can recreate the universe in his own image, which even succeeds at first. Thankfully, Bishops frees all the psychics just in time and prevents Apocalypse's plan from going full-force.
  • He has several Bad Boss moments, such as:
    • Saying that Graydon Creed deserves to suffer for leading the X-Men to his base with the virus, even killing him personally along with them and Bishop.
    • Breaking his promise to Deathbird and leaving her to be arrested by the Shi'ar.
    • Calling Magneto's lack of sentimentality refreshing as he hears that he and Mystique were forced to leave Sabretooth behind, not caring that he too would die when he destroyed the timestream.
    • Betraying and trying to kill Magneto once he starts questioning his intended use for the Axis of Time, breaking his promise to bring his wife Magda back or create a future in which mutants would rule.
    • Possessing Fabian Cortez's body to escape the Astral Plane once he fails to sacrifice Jubilee for that exact purpose, after which we never see Apocalypse again and thus he's a Karma Houdini, probably until the X-Men ’97 TV series gets released.


  • This version of Apocalypse is the one of the only two to be Pure Evil, with the other being from the movies.

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