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All for us... All things in the universe... Will be ours... [...] All for us... Everything in this universe exists for us... Bow before us! Submit to us!
~ Aparoid Queen

The Aparoid Queen is the central antagonist of the sci-fi game Star Fox: Assault. She is the queen of all the Aparoids who reside in the Aparoid Homeworld. She is responsible for the perpetuation of the Aparoid Invasion that plagued the Lylat System that Fox McCloud and his team must take on to end the threat.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • While she might have not appeared until near the end of the game, every existing Aparoid are part of her hive-mind and exhibits an extremely hostile nature towards anything standing in her way. Using this Hive Mind, she used the Aparoids to meet her ends.
  • The Aparoid Queen has spawned many Aparoids which she used to launch a major attack against many planets of the Lylat System.
  • While Pigma Dengar was seemingly helping the Aparoids and bending them to his will, she eventually makes him a victim of assimilation and does not show any sign of caring about his horrific fate.
  • As Fox puts it, she likely has attempted to bypass evolution by collecting the souls of organisms, despite the fact that they have to be born with one.
  • She launched an assault against Sauria, killing many of the dinosaurs that were living there.
    • This attack also served as a distraction for the Star Fox Team so she can also attack Corneria and infected many Cornerian Soldiers, including General Pepper and his flagship, the latter was used to fight against the team, whom they were hesitant to kill, even when Pepper requests that they do so so he can keep his honor and prevent a similar fate that Pigma went through himself.
  • She attempted to use the voices of Peppy Hare, ROB 64, General Pepper, Pigma, and even James McCloud to viciously attack the mental and emotional well-being of Fox and his friends in an attempt to get them to side with her, but it fails due to Fox recalling Wolf O'Donnell's advice to not hesitate but to just act.
  • When Fox fires the self-destruct program, a weapon created by Beltino Toad for the intent an obliterating her along with all of the Aparoids and their homeworld, into her, she flees to give herself time to develop an antibody against the device with the purpose of killing her and ending the Aparoid threat, but still fights back against the team, but she is severely weakened and ultimately killed along with her kind when the program activates and goes off.
  • While she has less screen time and resources than Andross, she has a longer lasting impact and succeeds partially even due to her actions of infecting General Pepper.


  • The Aparoid Queen is the only female Star Fox Pure Evil.


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