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Universe after universe has fallen before my power. World after world consumed. With every death, I steal my mirror’s strength and mine grows ever stronger. Who am I? I am the Anti-Monitor. Come, Harbinger. There is work to be done.
~ Anti-Monitor introducing himself to Harbinger.
It is done, the Infinite Earths are gone. Soon, only the antimatter universe will remain.
~ Anti-Monitor after successfully wiping out the entire multiverse.

Mobius, better known as the Anti-Monitor, is the main antagonist of the Crisis Saga of the Arrowverse.

He is a cosmic being of supreme power and malevolence that desires the annihilation of the multiverse and all life by any means necessary so that he could replace it with his own Antimatter multiuniverse and rule over all of it. He is opposed by his benevolent mirror counterpart, the Monitor who is his equal

He was portrayed by LaMonica Garrett.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • When Mar Novu/The Monitor spares him in one of their battles, Mobius later use this as a advantage to terrorize the Multiverse before Mar Novu imprisoned him.
  • Prior to the crisis, the Anti-Monitor manipulated Harrison Nash Wells into releasing him from his imprisonment. Afterwards, he transformed him into Pariah, forcing him to witness what he would do next.
  • He kidnapped the Flash from Earth-90 and forced him to run on a treadmill that powered an anti-matter cannon that spread anti-matter across the multiverse, destroying everything in its way.
  • He used the Earth-2 universe to test his cannon, wiping it out along with every inhabitant.
  • Over the course of the crisis, he used the cannon to destroy the multiverse, eradicating countless universes, including Earth-89 (the Earth from the Tim Burton Batman films), Earth-9 (the Earth from the Titans television series) and Earth-66 (the Earth of the classic Adam West Batman television series) to name a few.
  • On Earth-38, he sent his Shadow Demon army to stop the allied heroes from interfering with his plans, which ended with half of its inhabitants evacuating and the rest, including Oliver Queen being killed.
  • He kidnapped Lyla Michaels/Harbinger after tormenting her with visions, gloating how universes are still falling and he is drawing more power from the Monitor for every death he is causing with his anti-matter waves.
  • After the anti-matter cannon was destroyed at the cost of Earth-90 Flash's life and Earth-1 was spared as the sole surviving world, Anti-Monitor possessed Harbinger and used her to travel to the Waverider and attack the heroes. He then defeated and killed the Monitor, draining his powers and wiped out Earth-1.
  • Once Pariah sent the Paragons to the Vanishing Point where he couldn't reach them, the Anti-Monitor wiped out the Waverider and everyone onboard, making the Paragons and Oliver Queen/Spectre the sole survivors.
  • When the Flash used the Speed Force to transport the Paragons to the dawn of time, the Anti-Monitor ambushed them and scattered them across the Speed Force.
  • During a battle in the Netherverse, the Anti-Monitor sent his Shadow Demons to kill the Paragons while he fought the Spectre with his anti-matter. The battle ended with Anti-Monitor's defeat and the multiverse being reborn thanks to the Spectre and the Paragons.
  • Due to being a being made of pure anti-matter, the Anti-Monitor returned and sent his Shadow Demons to attack the Paragons for his previous defeat.
  • In the final battle, the Anti-Monitor intended on destroying the multiverse once more starting with Earth-Prime. He was defeated when the heroes used a bomb to shrink him perpetually and be sent to the microverse forever.


  • The Anti-Monitor's plan was foreshadowed by Zoom's endgame to destroy the Multiverse except for one remaining Earth which he could terrorize. But unlike Zoom, the Anti-Monitor intended to wipe out EVERY existing world and was initially successful.
  • Some fans would argue that since the Anti-Monitor was a being purely created by the Netherverse as the Monitor's evil counterpart, he wouldn't have a moral agency and not be classified as Pure Evil. However, the Anti-Monitor has repeatedly proven to have an agency by displaying clear signs of megalomania, sadism and delusions of grandeur. So therefore, he qualifies.

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