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Ansem, Seeker of Darkness is the main antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts I manga. This version of Ansem is portrayed as much worse than his mainstream counterpart.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Painfully torturing Riku to the point where his body is easy to possess.
  • Killed Maleficent with the Keyblade of Heart instead of turning her into a dragon, because he had no more use for her.
  • Convinced Sora to use that Keyblade on himself to freeing Kairi’s heart, knowing that it would unlock the final keyhole to darkness, not caring that Sora is turning into a Heartless.
  • Attempted to kill Kairi when he had no more use for her.
  • Attempted to open the Door to Darkness to have the darkness consume the world with glee for his destructive actions.
  • As a specter in Riku’s heart, tried to play Riku’s emotions against him so he can take over his body again.

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