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It is not that I cannot create anything good, but that I will not.
~ Angra Mainyu
I have fouled the world with filth and darkness, and made it my stronghold. I have dried up the earth, so that the plants and animals will die, and poisoned Gayomart, so he will die.
~ Angra Mainyu gloating about his victory.

Angra Mainyu, also called by his Persian name of Ahriman, is the ultimate evil in Zoroastrian theology. He is brother of the creator Ahura Mazda, and his polar opposite, as while Ahura Mazda is omnibenevolent, Angra Mainyu is constantly attempting to corrupt creation and tempt humans into Hell.


At the beginning of creation, everything was perfect, until Angra Mainyu, out of pure spite, created demons to pollute and kill creation. Ahura Mazda attempted to reason with his brother, but Angra Mainyu spurned him, so Ahura Mazda cast him back into the eternal darkness, and created the first human, Gayomart, who banished Angra Mainyu to the outer darkness with prayer.

Infuriated, Angra Mainyu attacked creation, and slew Gayomart before using his demons to once again foul and defile creation and make it a stronghold of evil. He then gloated to Ahura Mazda of his victory.

Ahura Mazda responded by imprisoning his brother in the Absolute Darkness. However, Angra Mainyu continued to terrorize creation from the darkness, tempting the first human couple, Mashya and Mashyana, into believing he was the creator so they would worship him, forcing Ahura Mazda to cast them into Hell when they died. Angra Mainyu continues to reside in the Absolute Darkness, tempting humans into sin and forcing Ahura Mazda to damn them until the end of days.

On the end of days, humans will cease to be enticed by sin, starving Angra Mainyu's minions and causing them to pursue Angra Mainyu with the intention of devouring him to sate their unending hunger. Angra Mainyu will beg Ahura Mazda to save him, and Ahura Mazda will cast his wicked brother back into the darkness, never to be seen again.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • At the beginning of creation, he attacked and defiled creation with his demons simply to spite Ahura Mazda.
  • After the creation of humanity, he spread lust, starvation, disease and death, defiling all of creation.
  • Killed Gayomart in order to end his worship of Ahura Mazda.
  • Tricked Mashya and Mashyana into worshipping him so they would be damned until the end of days.
  • Tempted humanity so Ahura Mazda would be forced to send them to Hell.



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