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It's no fun if there's no resistance...
~ Andross
I've been waiting for you, Star Fox. With my mighty intellect, the universe shall soon be mine to command as I see fit. Opposing me is truly a death sentence... Just ask your father.
~ Andross to Fox McCloud and Star Fox in Star Fox Zero.

Andross is the main antagonist of the Star Fox franchise. He is a mad scientist who is obsessed with obtaining power for himself. He was once an honorable scientist but was banished for his research.

Rick May was his voice actor for the English versions of Star Fox 64. In Star Fox Adventures, Duncan Botwood voiced the character. David Fredrick White voiced him in Star Fox Zero.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He performed many dangerous experiments that eventually resulted in Corneria turning into a wasteland of near extinction, even though his former superior, General Pepper, ordered him to terminate his research.
  • He was responsible for James McCloud's presumed death/brainwashing or imprisonment, after Pigma Dengar betrays him and sides with Andross.
  • Since his banishment, Andross has turned Venom into an industrious enterprise and became a tyrannical dictator where all living things either must serve him or die.
  • He was bent on conquering the whole Lylat System and is responsible for the Lylat War.
  • He even created robotic imposters in Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Zero to escape his crimes and punishments ensuring things get worse overtime showing he has a strong outright dishonorable code.
  • Attempted to use his power to take Fox with him into his death but fails when James escorts him out of his base.
  • He captures Krystal and traps her in a huge crystal and was the culprit behind Sauria's broken state, as he donated General Scales some of his power when the latter was denied a position of power, to achieve his goals of destroying the Lylat System. Once the latter serves his role, Andross presumably murders him.
  • He created the Anglars to help rule in his place should he fail. He also was willing to have his nephew succeed in his place.


  • He possibly has one mitigating factor that could prevent him from being Pure Evil. In Star Fox Command, Andross seems to care about his grandson Dash Bowman, as he ordered his army to stop attacking him. He also seemed proud of Dash for defeating the Monarch Dodora. However, it’s unclear if he genuinely cares about Dash or it could be that his honor was insincere and was overconfident that Dash would be successor to his throne and prevented the attacks out of possible pragmatism. Regardless, Star Fox Command is of dubious canon.
  • He, Mother Brain and Dark Samus are the only assist trophies appearing in Super Smash Bros. games to be Pure Evil.

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