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You fight for a cause you barely understand. With people you trust so little you've told them nothing about what you’re doing. When I die the world dies with me. And your knowledge dies with you. Buried in the tomb like an anonymous Egyptian builder sealed in the pyramid to keep his secret.
~ Andrei threatening the Protagonist.

Andrei Sator (Russian: Андрей Сатор) is the main antagonist of the 2020 science fiction action film Tenet.

He was a Russian oligarch used by future generations to help reassemble the Algorithm, a weapon created in the future to reverse the entropy of the entire world, in the hopes of reversing the effects of climate change.

He was portrayed by Kenneth Branagh, who also portrayed Iago in the 1995 film adaptation of Othello.


Andrei Sator is a man with ambition and vision, having little not going his way and never not getting what he wants. This is most prominent with his wife Katherine "Kat" Barton, who he met at an auction. Believing that if he cannot have her no one else can, Sator is extremely controlling of what she does, forcing her to stay away from their son Max through his hold of a forged painting Kat sold him.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Beat one of his men to death with a bar of gold.
  • Psychologically and physically abusing his wife several times in the film.
  • Attempted to wipe out all human life on Earth because he is dying from cancer.
  • Brutally attacks the Protagonist throughout the movie.
  • Shoots his own wife with an inverted round to psychologically break the Protagonist.


  • Andrei is the third Pure Evil to come from a Christopher Nolan movie, the first 2 being the Nolanverse Joker and Nolanverse Scarecrow.

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