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Well everyone has to sacrifice something, so we sacrificed humanity over monstrosity. We are monsters.. I guess…
~ Andrea's strongest quote

Andrea Von Strucker is the main antagonist of the Marvel Fanfilm Universe and of the DC Fanfilm Universe altogether.

She specifically acts as the main antagonist of the Fantastic Knights saga, thus serving as a final antagonist of Mordo's Circus, one of the two main antagonists of The Fantastic Knights Return and the main antagonist of the final fanfilm of the saga A Fantastic Galaxy.

She is the supreme leader of The Order of Fenris, a super-villainous galactic terrorist group of metahumans (former humans) who plan to dominate the entire existence by wiping out planets and eventually conquering Earth itself. She is also Andreas Von Strucker's wife and superior.

She is portrayed by Sarah Paulson.



She and her husband Andreas were once normal humans until they betrayed their species in order to achieve universal dominance and rise to unlimited power beyond what exists up until now. The two of them later founded The Order of Fenris. Together, they have also destroyed many planets, and they even traveled to a small forest planet of friendly and smallish aliens who manufactured water to live and Andrea ordered her husband to shoot at the planet, thus destroying millions of these innocent aliens.

Mordo and The Circus

Destroying a HYDRA base

After her husband Andreas contacts Mr. Boggs and Agent Jasper Sitwell via hologram and warns them of what is coming as a punishment for failing to get rid of Mordo, Andrea decides to shoot a meteor at Sitwell's base, thus destroying it completely and killing hundereds (if not thousands) of HYDRA agents and militants.

She prepares herself and Andreas to take full command over the humans and the other races and creatures on Planet Earth.

The Fantastic Knights Return


She at first sends her husband to wreak havoc on Earth for a few minutes and as a result, J. Jonah Jameson is killed. The two of them eventually reach Earth from their spaceship and she plans together with her husband to use an Asguardian crystal which was brought by Loki back to Asguard behind her back.

She and her husband also try to extract information from a factory owner called Albert Desmond, however she fails to do so and therefore she kills Albert and continues her journey with her husband. She also forces the U.S president Harry Strong to let her occupy the US as he pledges his country's loyalty to The Order of Fenris.

Battle with The Superheroes

She later takes command of the U.S military, commanded by General Elmund. Unexpectedly, however, Paul Duval enters the scene and asks her to team up with him and help him get his revenge on The Fantastic Knights. She agrees to do so, and she bursts into the primary S.H.I.E.L.D base with her soldiers and General Elmund. However, the heroes kill the soldiers, and then she betrays Elmund and kills him. She reveals that the reason why she betrayed humanity is because she wants to avenge her father Wolfgang Von Strucker and that he built weapons for S.H.I.E.L.D before betraying them for ultimate power.

Andreas then returns with the crystal and attempts to reshape Earth by using it. However, The Iron Man manages to get hold of the crystal and use it's unlimited power to destroy Andreas. The shocked and defeated Andrea Von Strucker promises to return for them before she teleports herself back to the outer space.

A Fantastic Galaxy

Andrea later traveled to a farmland on Earth in which she knew that her brother was buried, and she killed off the farmers before she entered his tomb. She used her massive power in order to revive him and finish their plans. Andrea and Andreas later teleported themselves to the first location of a colossal being called a conqueror called Starro. That location was a small planet close to Earth. The Fantastic Knights came to the same planet by aircraft and while they were talking to Galactus and his daughter Galacta, Andrea revived Starro and ordered him to help Andreas kidnap Galacta for her power and also kill the knights. Andreas and Starro had a short fight with the knights, but Starro then managed to capture Galacta and they then teleported themselves along with Andrea to Tokyo.

After the knights got to Tokyo, it was too late, because Andrea and Andreas have already stolen Galacta's power with their omnipotent magic chants. Andreas and Starro then began destroying Tokyo and burning it to the ground. However, eventually Galacta gained her power back and she fought against Andreas. Starro was defeated and Galactus sacrificed himself for Galacta just before Andreas died as a result.

Andrea later teleported herself to New York. She then summoned Kang the conqueror, who was the second conqueror to be summoned. Kang used his powers to freeze the entire city of New York, thus killing thousands. After that, Andrea and Jason Cunningham/Flash began fighting one another on a frozen rooftop. However, the other knights unfroze themselves and they drove a helicopter, thus placing a sword inside it's cannons and shooting the sword at Kang, thus killing him and leaving Andrea powerless and defeated. Andrea asked Jason what else he was going to take away from her besides the conquerors and her power. Jason replied that he will take away her life and avenge billions of dead people and aliens, before he stabbed her with a sword.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • She and her husband both betrayed humanity for power and used each other for their own purposes instead of really loving each other. Thereafter, they have formed an alliance and they have both become metahumans so they could reach ultimate power. Together with some conquerors they have formed The Order of Fenris; a dark organization with plans for mass destruction.
  • Andrea strongly despised the humans and thought they were the source of all problems. Because of her twisted belief, she intended to conquer Earth with ruthless methods. However, this was no excuse, since she had some inner knowledge that she was wrong and she even admitted that she is a monster.
  • Before going back to Earth, she and her husband wiped out many alien races and destroyed many many planets. It was shown in the movie A Fantastic Galaxy that there was a peaceful alien race which manufactured water for the galaxy and Andrea out of lust for power ordered her husband to shoot a beam at their planet. The aliens were burnt alive on-screen and one alien baby was seen burnt alive as well.
  • She was the true mastermind and leader behind The Order of Fenris, since her husband was nothing more than a sadistic subordinate and therefore she was much more ruthless although a little less brutal and sadistic than the latter.
  • She shot a meteor from her cannon at a HYDRA base for the failure of HYDRA to eliminate Baron Mordo, thus killing thousands of HYDRA agents and operatives.
  • Andrea Von Strucker attempted to use a very powerful Asguardian crystal in order to reshape the universe with it's powers. She believed that she is better than humanity and therefore she deserves to rule the worthless universe. By doing that, she would destroy whatever is in existence.
  • She plotted to kill The Fantastic Knights and avenge her father, thus using her hatred on superheroes as part of her plan.
  • She temporarily conquered the U.S, and she ordered the military and it's corrupt commander General Elmund to help her fight the superheroes.
  • She revived her husband for her own purposes and continued their plans.
  • She unleashed two of the many conquerors working for her and let them destroy half of Tokyo and freeze New York, thus killing either thousands or even millions of people.
  • She kidnapped Galacta and temporarily stole her powers so she could become stronger and conquer more planets later on.
  • During her last moments, she made excuses instead of showing remorse for her worst crimes and massive atrocities.


  • The creator implies that she (and also her husband) shall be more powerful than any other villain in the Marvel/DC history.

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