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Welcome, Gotham City, to the art of destruction.
~ Anarky's most famous line

Anarky (real name Lonnie Machin) is the main antagonist in the animated series Beware the Batman. He is a supervillain and terrorist who is obsessed with plunging Gotham City into a state of anarchy, which he believes to be the ideal societal structure. Unlike his anti-villainous comics counterpart, however, this version of the character has no code of ethics or concern for human life; he commits violent crime not to serve a greater good, but simply to watch the world burn.

He is voiced by Wallace Langham.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Arming two teenagers and sending them to kill Batman and rampage Gotham.
  • Has 2 gondolas filled with people rigged with explosives.
  • Attacking Gotham City with biological weapons.
  • Kidnapping Ra's al Ghul and orchestrating a conflict between Batman and the League of Assassins.
  • Attempted to fill Gotham with a lethal plgaue.
  • Attempted to bomb a park full of police officers and frame Batman for it.
  • Turning Lady Shiva's thugs into mutant monsters.
  • Framing Batman for trying to kill the mayor.
  • Was responsible for corrupting Harvey Dent.
  • Hiring Deathstroke to terrorize Gotham.


  • This version of Anarky, along with his Arrowverse incarnation, is one of the two versions of Anarky to be Pure Evil.
  • He is also the only Beware the Batman villain to be Pure Evil.

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