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Amy Hughes is one of the main characters in the Freeform Series Dead of Summer, in addition to being the hidden main antagonist.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth Lail.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • When Amy was a little girl, her very first victims were her family who she murdered by carbon monoxide poisoning due to the favoritism her brother was receiving from her parents.
  • While it initially seems that Amy was haunted by Margo's death, in actuality, she murders Margo and steals her bracelet in order to take her place at Camp Stillwater.
  • She lies about who she really is to make herself seem like a far more likeable person than she actually is.
  • When she arrives at Camp Stillwater in the pilot episode, the very first person she drowns is the camp ground keeper, Dave, and uses his body to mark the first spot on the pentagram.
  • To mark the second spot on the pentagram, Amy murders Blotter after he got fired from the camp when Alex put LSD into his drink. After being she realized Detective Garrett Sykes was on to her, she moved the body to avoid detection.
  • Halfway through the series, as Cricket is going to join Alex for a night under the stars, Amy, dressed in a masked figure, murders her by shoving her head into a bear trap, marking the third spot on the pentagram.
  • When Amy went to check on Jessie, instead of performing CPR, she instead called Malphas into her body because he didn't want a body that was pure. Malphas wanted a body that was evil as he was.
  • When Krissy, Margo's friend, arrives at camp to warn Deb about Amy, Amy murders them both with an axe.
  • She tampers the recording of Hollyoke playing the tune to defeat Malphas.
  • Taunts Jessie while hunting her down with an axe.
  • Being occasionally possessed by Malphas doesn't make her brainwashed, because she works with his out of sheer cruelty and because his plans go hand-in-hand with her worship to pain, both others' and her own, no loyalty involved.


  • Amy Hughes is the only character that Elizabeth Lail plays that is pure evil.
  • Along with Malphas, Amy is one of the two Pure Evils of Dead of Summer.

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