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Alien Empera is one of the overarching antagonists in the Ultraman franchise, being the overarching antagonist of the Ultraman Showa continuity and the main antagonist of Ultraman Mebius and a posthumous antagonist in Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Rebirth.

He is voiced by Kenji Utsumi in Ultraman Mebius, and Tomokazu Seki in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • After his planet's sun died, and he was the only survivor, he embraced the darkness and decided to expunge all light in the universe, therefore shirking tragedy.
  • Attacked the Land of Light with an army of kaiju, and left a scar on the Father of Ultra.
  • During the Ultimate Wars, he used his sword to kill countless Residents of the Land of Light.
  • Sent two Alien Temperors to kill the Ultra Brothers.
  • Staged many monster attacks on earth while Ultraman Mebius was protecting it.
  • Formed the Four Heavenly Kings to kill Mebius when he prevailed against his kaiju.
  • After Alien Mefilas retreated from fighting Ultraman and Mebius, Empera executed him for failing to kill the ultras and decided to take over the earth himself. In addition, Mefilas made an honorable promise to meet them again in battle before it broke.
  • Destroyed most of Tokyo and brought darkness to where he stood.
  • Tried to destroy the GUYS base, only to inadvertently kill Zamsher instead.
  • Destroyed Ultraman Mebius, although he was revived later.
  • Although he did come to terms with his death in the end and accepted it, there was nothing he could do to stop himself from dying and he couldn't change what was happening.


  • He could arguably be considered to be the very first Pure Evil in the Ultraman franchise when he was first mentioned and introduced during the Showa era, despite not making a full physical appearance.
  • He, alongside Bogar, are the only Ultraman Mebius villains to be Pure Evil.
  • His Eteldummy clone couldn't count as Pure Evil due to being created by Etelgar to defeat Ultraman Mebius.


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