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NOTE: This page is only about her Darkside Chronicles incarnation as the original Code: Veronica incarnation of Alexia Ashford was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the Darkside Chronicles version of Alexia Ashford's info and crimes should be put here.


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Alexia Ashford is the main antagonist of Resident Evil: Code Veronica and it's updated version, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. She is also the posthumous and de facto unseen overarching antagonist in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and a posthumous antagonist in Resident Evil 6. In the Darkside Chronicles adaptation of Code: Veronica "Game of Oblivion", she is significantly more evil.

She was voiced by Karen Strassman.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil

  • Alexia's DC Version lacks the the Code: Veronica version's redeeming quality of caring for her brother Alfred, and is overall much more sadistic, hateable, and evil then her original counterpart had and is even worse than her.
  • Alexia Ashford was born, alongside her brother Alfred, from the DNA from the embalmed body of Veronica Ashford, founder of the Ashford and ancestor of Dr. Alexander Ashford, as part of Project CODE: Veronica, led by Alexander, as a genetically-modified clone for the sake of  restoring the Ashford family's reputation and to prevent Dr. Oswell E. Spencer from taking full control over the Umbrella Corporation should Alexander’s father Dr. Edward Ashford, one of the original founders of Umbrella, die. Raised by Alexander on his Antarctic Base, Alexia was cherished for her genius intellect, of whom would graduate at a university at the age of 10, eventually employed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals as one of its top virologists who would've no doubt participated in Umbrella’s horrific experimentations and research.
  • Isolated from other scholars and children by her young age and genius intellect, Alexia's only comfort was her brother, Alfred, having already developed a loathing for her father as another member of humanity who she would regard as "ignorant masses".
  • She tortured a classmate to death and also recorded it on tape for her own sadistic pleasure.
  • After having learnt the truth of both her and Alfred’s creation in the Antarctic Base, the twins grew immensely hateful of their father. Capturing Alexander, they used him as a test subject for the t-Veronica virus that she created by binding together the Progenitor Virus and the remnants of an ancient virus found within a queen ant, of which she mistook the eusocial nature of an ant colony for one with complete adoration for their "queen", and likened it to her own megalomaniac personality, inspired to become the “Queen” of the world with everyone to serve her.
  • Because her father didn't have any preparation beforehand, the experiment turned Alexander into a psychotic and tortured monster.Deeming him a failed experiment, Alfred and Alexia, disgusted that he was a failure even as an experiment, chained him in a secret room in the Antarctic base, where he remained in solitary confinement hidden away from the facility for 15 years, known as "Nosferatu" to the workers, who were terrified and disturbed by his noises and cries of agony. And due to torturing and mutating Alexander into Nosferatu, Alexia is responsible for him nearly killing Claire and Steve.
  • Taking notes on her father's progress, Alexia discovered certain flaws in the t-Veronica virus and planned to inject herself with the virus to become a superior being. Using the data she had obtained from her father, Alexia discovered a way to harness the full power of her virus: by having herself put into cryogenic suspension for fifteen years while the virus, slowed by the ultra-low temperatures to a point where it would not destroy her tissues through overly rapid mutation, matured within her unconscious body in order to achieve her mad dream of godhood.
  • Before entering cryostasis, she assigned Alfred to protect her and carry out her will while she was inactive, and because of this Alexia is to blame for Alfred’s eventual nefarious actions and spiral into madness.
    • With no family left and forced to continue his family’s legacy as the new Lord Ashford, Alfred would graduate from a respectable university, eventually entering employment with Umbrella Corporation. With his position as Director of the Antarctic Base, he took advantage of his inherited governorship of Rockfort Island. He drove out the Hispanic settler population to give space for the construction of a concentration camp for Umbrella’s enemies, a boot camp for anti-B.O.W. training, and a private residence near the valley, where he hoped to live with Alexia one day. Having full control over the facilities, Alfred ignored the Antarctic Base and built up a dictatorial rule on Rockfort Island. Affected by the loss of Alexia, Alfred’s mental health shattered, creating a dual personality: One that retained his own, and one resembling Alexia’s. He lived alone in his house on Rockford, often allowing the Alexia fragment to take control over him, dressing up like her and speaking in her voice, eventually developing militaristic tendencies and a massive ego in his Alfred fragment as his mind deteriorated. As governor of Rockfort Island, Alfred enforced harsh measures on the prisoners, ordering violent tortures and executions seemingly at random. When a bridge was constructed that would allow him to directly cross over from the governor's residence to his private residence, he ordered the execution of the entire workforce to silence them. As his career continued, his mental state became increasingly erratic. His management of the Antarctic Base was of total neglect, earning the ire of his workers at the transport terminal, who were denied vacation time while behind in deliveries. When the H.C.F., a private special operations unit of Umbrella's rival company, attacked the Island, detonating an explosive in the military training facility’s lab, leading to the t-Virus spreading airborne causing an outbreak on the Island. Alfred escaped the disaster, armed with a sniper rifle. Believing that Claire Redfield, a prisoner newly transferred to the base, to be one of the spiders, he made several attempts to kill her during her time on the Island. Switching between his Alfred and Alexia personas, he led Redfield and fellow survivor Steve Burnside to think they were two people. After a confrontation at the private residence, Alfred went back to the training camp, where he set off the auto-destruct for the island facilities, activated the T-078 Tyrant to kill survivors, and fled in his personal jet to the Antarctic Base. Upon encountering Claire and Steve one last time Alfred attempted to kill them, however he was shot and fell down a pit where he dragged himself to the cryogenics laboratory containing Alexia and freed her, however Alexia would later kill him.
  • After fifteen years of cryostasis, Alexia awoke with her newly found power, before killing Alfred, her own brother, by choking him with her Veronica Tendrils just because he failed to wake her up on time.
  • Now in full control of the virus, Alexia sought to begin her plan of dominion over the world as its Queen, and using her newfound powers, she remotely controlled one of the massive tentacles resting below the Antarctic Base to destroy the escape vehicle of Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside, managing to capture the two for the purpose of subjecting them to her experiments and to make them pay for killing Alfred.
  • Upon capturing the two, she imprisoned Steve, who was only 17 years old, in a Coliseum with suits of armour and injected him with the t-Veronica Virus, causing him to mutate in front of Claire and attempt to kill her with a giant axe. However Steve managed to counter the virus as he was about to kill Claire, not long into his mutations, regaining his sanity and turning back into his human form, where he soon died due to his injuries.
  • Because she infected Steve with the t-Veronica Virus, Alexia is indirectly responsible for Albert Wesker obtaining a sample of the virus from Steve’s body, leading to him dealing with South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo and the events of Operation Javier.
  • Weakened by her first defeat, she once again attacked Chris and Claire for her own sadistic joy by fusing with one of the Veronica mutant breeder pods, creating countless imperfect larvae to attack them along with her tentacles, flammable blood, and insect-like appendages, whilst declaring her plans to unleash t-Veronica across the world and rule it as a goddess. And before she mutates, Alexia mentions murdering her own brother, brushing it off as insignificant, and calls her father loathsome and old.
  • Despite this, she was once again defeated. However, Alexia was not beaten yet; she responded by evolving further using the insects beneath the platform covering her, shedding the carcass of the breeder pod and became a giant dragonfly-like monster, capable of spewing great amounts of flame and absorbing all gunfire. However the Redfields managed to destroy Alexia with an experimental weapon called the Linear Launcher, which Alexander Ashford had designed to stop Alexia in the event she would follow through her goals of world domination, killing Alexia instantly, avenging Alexander, and ending the Ashford family line.
  • Even after her death, Alexia’s presence and evil would still linger as her creation of the t-Veronica Virus would be obtained by Albert Wesker and using it for his own nefarious purposes, and the creation of the C-Virus, where Dr. Carla Radames would acquire a sample of the virus in order to create the “Perfect Virus” in order to please her boss Derek C. Simmons, removing the genetic code of the virus and combining it with the Progenitor Virus creating the T-02 Variant, of which when combined with the G-Virus would create the extremely dangerous virus known as the C-Virus. This makes Alexia indirectly responsible for all of the events of Resident Evil 6 and uses of the C-Virus in bioterrorism.
  • Maniacal and psychopathic, Alexia has one of the highest Heinous Standards in the Resident Evil franchise because of her ultimate goal of ruling the world as its queen by using the t-Veronica Virus to turn the global population into B.O.W.S. under her command and enslave all of humanity, viewing everyone except Alfred as inferior insects and objects to use in her experiments, fully capable of expressing sadism by mutating a seventeen year old right in front of his partner, torturing and mutating her own father into a hideous montser who would spend years crying in agony whilst imprisoned in a cell, and murdering her own brother just because he was late in waking her up. Not to mention, her creation of the t-Veronica Virus would eventually lead to several instances of bioterroism across the world, including Operation javier and the development and use of the C-Virus.


  • Overall, Alexia's personality chosen for The Darkside Chronicles fits with a shallow, spoiled young girl with severe delusions of grandeur; this choice has been controversial, with some fans feeling that this change markedly deviates Alexia for the worse, while others believe that it matches up perfectly with her background as an aristocratic, hugely narcissistic child prodigy.
    • However, this depiction of Alexia should arguably not be considered canon, as the flashbacks in The Darkside Chronicles, along with the flashbacks from The Umbrella Chronicles, is simply a resumed version of the storyline. Only the non-resume Operation Javier segment (which serves as the main segment of The Darkside Chronicles is canonical). Alexia's depiction in CODE:Veronica is the one that should be considered canon.

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