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Alright you listen to me, you ballsy little bastard! If you want to see Lily again, alive that is, you will find yourself a hole and crawl into it! Because if you so much as even breathe in the direction of me or my men ever again, I will cut your dear wife open and eat her heart out with a spoon!
~ Alex Windham

Alex Windham is the main antagonist of the 1996 action thriller and sci-fi film Assault on Dome 4.

He is a self-proclaimed creative artist and intergalacic terrorist who seeks to invade Stella 9 and enslave its population using a starter colony named Dome 4 and force it's scientists to create weapons and tools to help him in his conquest.

He was portrayed by Bruce Campbell.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Bombed civilian areas all across the galaxy and personally murdered at least twenty-two people prior to the start of the film.
  • Blows up a warden and several guards in a mass security prison named PC-7 when he was about to be sentenced for his many crimes.
  • Breaks out several other criminals including one he personally knew of named Quaid and went on a massacre across the prison, killing all the remaining guards and slicing one's hand off to bypass the security and free the prisoners in the first place.
  • Tossed out the woman on a shuttle he and the other prisoners get on into space to die because they were dead weight to him.
  • Invades Dome 4 and orders Quaid to shoot the nearest peacekeeper and imprison the rest of them.
  • Holds fourty-one scientists and the main character's wife hostage and forces them to work on a bomb with the potential to decimate half of Earth, even taking the time to kill the senior security officer just because.
  • Plans to invade Stella 9 and enslave the population and make them bow down and worship him as a god, threatening the U.S. Chairman that he would destroy several continents if he doesn't give him the planet despite knowing that Earth needs Stella 9 to solve the overpopulation problem.
  • He goes into Lily Moran's personal room and attempts to rape her, despite claiming that he wouldn't do it a few seconds ago.
  • Casually shoots an captured hostage who attempted to escape while ordering his men to kill all others who attempt to resist or flee the station, this results in the rest of the peacekeepers being killed when the henchmen found them trying to escape.
  • Orders the supposed crew of another shuttle massacred when he noticed that a food supply was being delivered in that shuttle.
  • Kidnaps the main character's best friend Dan Block and hold him hostage when he kills three of Alex's henchmen including Quaid, showing no empathy or care to their deaths all the while.
  • Kills Dan when Chase refused to surrender his location to him under a few seconds, while also calling the Chairman and threatening him to sign Alex's forms to complete control of Stella 9 under three hours or he would destroy the Eastern continent.
  • heavily abuses the scientists, threatening to kill some if they refuse to work or go against his orders, and forcing them to work under intense stress and exhaustion.
  • Forcibly grabs Lily when Chase shows up in the work room and fires a bullet to try and kill him. When it fails, he orders his men to try and murder him when he tries to find another route.
  • Thinks about blowing Dome 4 up when he is growing impatient with Chase trying to stop him.
  • When he realizes that Lily is Chase's wife, he immediately grabs her, throws her into a chair and points a gun on her head, threatening to kill her in a few seconds if she doesn't tell him the whole situation with Chase.
  • When Lily tells him the truth, he ties her mouth and holds her as a personal hostage to Chase.
  • Self-detonates a bomb inside Dome 4 to blow it all up with Chase, Lily, and the fourty-one scientists inside while trying to get on his own personal shuttle and invade Stella 9 by force.
  • Tries to murder both Chase and Lily with a gun and later a switchblade when he coaxs Chase into giving Alex the detonator to the bomb when Chase stole it, despite promising to destroy it and never bother the couple again.
  • Although he claims he'll give his henchman and the women on the first shuttle power and glory, he proves he only cares for himself by tossing said women into space to die and showing zero concern towards his henchmen's death. He only cares about Lily for his perverted lust, trying to rape her and then trying to kill her multiple times later on in the film.