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NOTE: This page is only about his game incarnation as the film incarnation of Sosa was not voted Pure Evil, and thus only the game version of Sosa's info and crimes should be put here.


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Tony Montana: There were kids in the fucking car, Alex! Innocent kids! Huh, what kind of animals you got working for you?
Alejandro Sosa: I want to clear something with you, Tony, before I kill you. When you move 400 kilos a month, it's imperative that you do kill children. That way, heroes don't get confused and go on "60 Minutes". They instead crawl back into the hole they came from.
Tony Montana: Hey, Sosa, it's time for you to make that crawl, huh?
~ Alejandro Sosa's last words before getting killed by Tony Montana.

Alejandro Sosa is the main antagonist of the 2006 video game Scarface: The World Is Yours, a pseudo-sequel to the 1983 epic crime drama film Scarface.

Like his film counterpart, Alejandro Sosa is a powerful Bolivian drug lord and Tony Montana's former friend up until the latter betrays him. However, whereas Tony is killed by his men in the film, the video game shows what would have happened if Tony had avoided being killed, leading him to escape and plan his revenge against Sosa.

He was voiced by Robert Davi, who also played Franz Sanchez in License to Kill.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Due to the video game's nature as a pseudo-sequel to the film picking up from the events towards the film's ending, this version of Alejandro Sosa likely committed the same crimes his film version did, including:
    • Ordering The Skull to hang Omar Suarez up from a helicopter for being a "police informant" (though this is never stated to be true or not), although Omar likely deserved it for supposedly setting Tony Montana up earlier in the film, leading to his friend Angel's death.
    • Sending Tony and his friends alongside his henchman Alberto the Shadow to blow up the car from a journalist who can expose his crimes at the United Nations building, though it turns out that the journalist is bringing his wife and kids with him, leading Tony to shoot Alberto when he refuses to back out.
      • Furthermore, Alberto's tone of voice, when he says that if Sosa ordered them to carry out the task they must do it, may imply that Sosa harshly punishes his henchmen if they fail him. That said, when Sosa calls Tony later on to reprimand him for betraying him, he is shown to be more furious that they didn't kill the journalist instead of expressing anger at Alberto's death.
    • Sending The Skull and other goons of his to Miami to kill Tony for his betrayal, killing Tony's bodyguards and sister Gina in the process, even though the latter was drunken and didn't pose a genuine threat.
  • Unlike the film, Tony survives the shootout at his mansion, but his mansion is burned by Sosa's men under his orders.
  • With Tony's drug empire gone, he makes an alliance with Gaspar Gomez and they take over Montana's remaining turf, becoming so powerful over Miami that all the drug dealers must report to him and leaves Tony with few allies, even leading Tony's lawyer George Sheffield to betray Tony and join him.
  • Once Tony goes to Bolivia to kill him, Sosa discusses with Gomez and Sheffield how to get rid of Tony. While he declines Sheffield's idea of sending the Amerian military and some Bolivian tanks after Montana with his Washington connections, he doesn't accept the idea out of care for the Miami citizens, but rather because of the legal repercussion that would mean for him.
  • Stays seated in his couch at his living room while he allows Sheffield, Gomez and all his goons be killed by Tony on his way to kill Sosa.
  • Tries to kill Tony one last time but not before reprimanding him for not killing the journalist and explaining him that, in their business, sometimes children have to die so they can make profit upon learning why Tony didn't kill the journalist, leading Tony to finally kill him for his lack of standards.


  • Only the Scarface: The World Is Yours incarnation of Alejandro Sosa counts as Pure Evil, as his film version is too standard for the film's setting and was never shown to be aware that the journalist was bringing his kids and his wife to his car, so it's unknown how he would have reacted had he learnt the truth. Although because Tony Montana was in a coke-induced rage, Tony wasn't able to think clearly in regards to the journalist so its highly unlikely that Alejandro realized this.
  • Sosa's lack of concern about killing children may be an indicator that he has killed children in the past. If this were confirmed, this would make Sosa even worse.

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