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Aldrich, also known as the Saint of the Deep and Devourer of Gods, is the main antagonist for the first half of Dark Souls III. He is the leader of the corrupt Church of the Deep.


Aldrich was once a priest from Irithyll with desires of power, which he found by devouring human flesh. Known for his sadistic tendency of listening to his victims as they screamed, Aldrich ate so much human flesh that he bloated until he deformed into a black sludge of bone and guts. He became a Lord of Cinder not for virtue, but for might. While linking the First Flame, Aldrich saw visions of a "coming age of the deep sea", and vowed to devour the gods to achieve it. Forming the Church of the Deep, he based his magic on a dark source called the Deep that was said to be darker than humanity. When Aldrich was sealed as part of the Lords of Cinder ritual, his followers provided sacrifices to satire their lord's hunger.

When Aldrich emerged from his coffin by the bell toll, he was confronted by Pontiff Sulyvahn, who told Aldrich about his ambitions to overthrow the gods of Anor Londo. Craving to devour them, Aldrich followed Sulyvahn to consume the last child of the holy family, Dark Sun Gywndolin. Aldrich consumed Gwyndolin slowly, not only to enjoy his suffering, but to possess his body and acclaim the power of a god for himself.

What makes him Pure Evil

  • Ate numerous people, including children, for power.
  • Took sadistic thrill in eating people alive.
  • Linked the First Flame just for power and be offered human sacrifices.
  • Invaded Anor Londo and devoured Dark Sun Gwyndolin to obtain his powers.

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