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Let me clarify something for you, Chris. I don't think of myself as a king. No, I am a god! And even kings bow down to gods.
~ Wesker to Chris Redfield.
Every day, humans come one step closer to self-destruction. I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it!
~ Wesker's motive rant.

Albert Wesker is the main antagonist of the popular Capcom survival horror video game franchise Resident Evil. Albert Wesker was a key member of the dangerous Umbrella Corporation, making him one of the biggest members of who perform unethical experimentations that go in abominable ways to suit his selfish goals. Albert Wesker is also a sophisticated scientist, almost making plans from every step he goes on, with hardly anyone being able to stop him, except for the majority of S.T.A.R.S protagonist characters notably being Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and many more. Not only does Albert Wesker have heavy ties to the protagonist, but to most of the cast in the series, making him one of the most dangerous and effective villains in the franchise.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • When he was a child, Wesker, along with many other gifted children, was placed into the ‘Wesker Project’ by Oswell E. Spencer and raised to share his sinister values, given the finest education money could buy and made his way into university education at a young age, however instead of using his prodigy mind and intelligence to benefit the world he instead chose to use Spencer’s teachings and pursue a life of evil and obtaining power, becoming an even worse individual than Spencer himself.
  • While his sister, Alex Wesker, might have cared for him, it's very likely this care wasn't reciprocal.
  • He performed unethical and abominable experimentation on many people.
  • Wesker was originally a high ranking scientist in Umbrella Corporation, who was heavily involved in the T-Virus Project.
  • Even though he was in a sexual relationship with a Serbian Edonian immigrant, the fact he had abandoned her upon pregnancy implies he never loved her.
  • Upon Spencer's order, Wesker along with Dr. William Birkin, assassinated Dr. James Marcus (although he deserved it) and took over the Tyrant Project, leading to the man becoming Queen Leech and many of the events of Resident Evil 0.
  • Wesker and Dr. Birkin created the Nemesis Alpha Parasite and used it on Lisa Trevor, and when the parasite was killed by her immune system the Golgotha Virus was eventually discovered, making Wesker partially responsible for the G-Virus.
  • He was also one of the key people who tortured and turned Lisa Trevor into a horrific monster.
  • Upon gaining superhuman abilities from the Prototype Virus he truly became an evil person, holding a belief he was chosen to achieve the ultimate power and rule over the world.
  • He worked as a double agent as the Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, informing Umbrella Corporation of their knowledge on the corporation.  
  • Wesker sabotaged the engine of Bravo Team's helicopter and intentionally led the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha & Bravo teams into Spencer Mansion, a Zombie & B.O.W. infested death trap, leading to the deaths of many members of the teams, all because he wanted to test out Umbrella's Bioweapons onto live combatants.
  • He was responsible for all of Bravo Team brutally dying, except for Rebecca Chambers and Capt. Enrico Marini.
  • Before Capt. Marini could inform Alpha team of the traitor within S.T.A.R.S., Wesker shoots him dead to save his own skin.
  • He cruelly manipulated and blackmailed Barry Burton with empty threats into destroying evidence of Umbrella in Spencer Mansion.
  • After being confronted by the remaining members of S.T.A.R.S. for his role in Umbrella, Wesker betrays S.T.A.R.S. and confesses his crimes, planning to also betray Umbrella for the Rival Organization, and orders the T-002 Tyrant to kill them.
  • Upon surviving T-002’s attack, Wesker escapes the Spencer Mansion after presumably killing Lisa Trevor, whilst sadistically commenting how imperfect she was.
  • Upon the wishes of the Rival Organization, Wesker orders mercenary Ada Wong to obtain the G-Virus.
  • To recover data and bioweapons samples, Wesker led a raid on Rockfort Island to obtain Alexia Ashford's research on T-Veronica, and was directly involved in destroying the Island’s infrastructure and unleashing B.O.W.s within it.
  • When Alexia Ashford refused to hand over the T-Veronica Virus to him, Wesker cowardly flees from the mutated Alexia, leaving Chris Redfield behind to die at her hands.
  • He ordered his Rockfort Island team to take the T-Veronica infected Steve Burnside, a seventeen year-old and Claire’s close ally, as a test subject.
  • He abducted Claire Redfield and took her to Antarctica as a hostage to lure Chris Redfield to him just so he could have the chance to kill him, whilst taunting Claire about Steve Burnside.
  • During his duel with Chris, Wesker nearly beats him to death whilst boasting about the power he has gained, and once the facility starts to self-destruct Wesker threatens Chris saying the next time they meet would be their last, while maniacally laughing.
  • Upon obtaining the Golgotha & T-Veronica Virus as well as several B.O.W.s, Wesker made large fortunes selling bioweapons to criminals.
    • One such instance was the drug lord Javier Hidalgo who turned to Umbrella for help with saving his wife from an incurable disease, who was horrifically mutated into a monster, who then turned his back against Umbrella and began dealing with Wesker behind the scenes. Wesker supplied Hidalgo with B.O.W.s that allowed Hidalgo to continue his reign as a dangerous cartel leader, leading to countless casualties amongst Hidalgo's enemies. This makes Wesker responsible for the viral outbreak Hidalgo caused and American soldier Jack Krauser becoming injured and turning to a life of villainy. Even worse, Wesker used funds from his dealings to fuel his Uroboros Project.
  • He played a huge role in the entire world going into turmoil over hostile and infectious creatures that took millions of lives, so in a way, he was more dangerous than the corporation he worked for.
  • During its collapse Wesker infiltrated Umbrella’s final stronghold in the Russian Caucasus to steal it’s data, killing every B.O.W. and T-Virus infected scientist in the lab, and to confront Umbrella’s Paramilitary leader Sergei Vladimir.
  • Once Sergei Vladimir mutates himself match Wesker in a fight over the U.M.F.-013 supercomputer, Wesker wins the fight killing Vladimir, and soon after downloading Umbrella’s entire archives he orders the RED QUEEN Supercomputer to delete everything on the server, denying his former S.T.A.R.S. comrades access to incriminating information they could’ve used against Umbrella.
  • He personally brought his findings into court and testified against Spencer, causing his old master to go into hiding and Umbrella finally being destroyed. However he kept the archives he recovered and took over all of Umbrella's assets, planning to establish a new Umbrella instead of keeping it destroyed.
  • Wesker contacted TRICELL Inc, Africa member Excella Gionne and formed an alliance with her, giving her samples of viruses, and as a result she became Director of TRICELL's Africa division. Wesker only allied with Gionne just so he would have a backup plan should the Rival Company betray him, not because he viewed her as a reliable ally.
  • Working behind the scenes of Resident Evil 4, Wesker recruits Ada Wong and Jack Krauser in the mission to retrieve samples of the Plagas Parasite from the Los Iluminados cult, particularly the dominant species Plaga.
  • He orders both Ada and Krauser to kill Leon S. Kennedy.
  • The organization had secretly ordered Ada to deliver them the dominant species, leaving Wesker merely with samples of the subordinate species. However he retrieved a sample from the corpse of Krauser. When he finally obtained enough of the Plaga he states there will be "Significant changes in our world” whilst maniacally laughing, alluding to the atrocities he’d commit in Resident Evil 5.
  • He, along with Excella Gionne, established a B.O.W. trade ring through Ricardo Irving, a black market bioweapons dealer, in which B.O.W.s created as side-products of Plaga research could be sold across the world and profits funded into bioweapons development.
  • After reuniting with Oswell E. Spencer in the private Spencer Estate, Wesker brutally murders his creator by impaling him through his chest with his hand, upon having learnt of the Wesker Project and seeing no use for his former master (although he deserved it).
  • Immediately after killing Oswell he is confronted by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, engaging in a fight with the two. The fight ends when he and Jill fall through a window and down the cliff-edge.
  • Wesker finally starts his ultimate goal, Project Uroboros, to infect the entire world killing everyone save for the genetically superior, then rule over it as a god.
  • In two years on his orders thousands of people were kidnapped and placed in Tricell’s facility to serve as test subjects, experimented on so they could be turned into Tricell’s agents.
  • He abducted Jill Valentine and kept her alive in cold sleep at Tricell’s facility, however because she had antibodies to the T-Virus in her system, she was a poor test subject. Rather than simply killing her, Wesker saw fit to have her regularly injected with performance-enhancing drugs to serve unwillingly as one of his agents.
  • He personally oversaw the production of Project Uroboros, taking on extensive tasks to ensure it’s completion.
  • He brainwashed and turned Jill Valentine, his former comrade, into his own personal bodyguard, forcing her to commit many murders against her will and attack her close ally Chris Redfield. And she was aware at some level that her actions were hurting people even while under his control.
  • During the final stage of Uroboros research, he and Excella ordered the execution of all the research staff.
  • Even though Tricell gave Islamist terroists samples of the Type-2 Plagas, casuing an outbreak in West African country Kijuju and turning every innocent civilian into monsters known as Majini, Wesker is responsible for this as he was the one who gave Tricell Plagas samples.
  • He spent seven minutes of his time toying with Chris and Sheva in a brutal fight whilst forcing Chris to fight his close ally, Jill Valentine. Afterwards he sadistically leaves the brainwashed Jill to suffer.
  • He injected Excella Gionne, his most loyal ally, with Uroboros, knowing she was incompatible, to make killing Chris and Sheva easier, as for him she was nothing but a valuable asset (if not quite a pawn) in his plans.
  • When he recalls murdering Spencer, Wesker feels no remorse for murdering his master, only commenting that with Uroboros he has the right to be a god.
  • When Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar confront him during Uroboros's final preparations, Wesker engages in a dangerous fight with the two attempting to kill them, delusionally expressing how he is saving the world. During the fight Wesker repeatedly justifies his goals, claiming few lives matter and only the strong should rule, while he boasts of being a god.
  • As the fight continues onto Uroboros's Tank Bomb, Wesker continues to attack the two, whilst stating that no one matters to him and revels in his plan to infect the world with Uroboros.
  • After the crash onto a volcano, knowing his plan is failing, Wesker infects himself with the Uroboros Virus, turning him into a powerful and dangerous monster, just so he could enact his desire for power and complete his goals directly. Once he mutates, Wesker attempts to murder both Chris and Sheva, whilst insanely speaking about Social Darwinism and destroying the world, showing no remorse for any of the countless atrocities he’s committed.
  • As Chris and Sheva escape with Jill and Josh Stone, Wesker attempts to kill all of them as he burns in the lava, leading Chris and Sheva to destroy him once and for all with Rocket Launchers.
  • In short Albert Wesker is nothing but a complete power-hungry narcissist, constantly manipulating and using all in his life for his own selfish intentions, believing he has the right to be a god and rule over the world he has ravaged in his own sick image.

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