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You don't get it, do you, kid? You have to seize the opportunity, or lose the profit. Simple...the free market...at its finest.
~ Albert Contiello when confronted by Nick Ramos.

Albert Contiello is one of the seven psychopaths that embody the Seven Deadly Sins featured in the 2013 video game Dead Rising 3, embodying the sin of Greed and the only one of them who is required to be fought in the main story.

First encountered in Chapter 3 in the main quest Making A Killing, Albert is a surgeon who sees the zombie outbreak as a fantastic money-making opportunity. Therefore, he began to kidnap survivors and imprisoned them in the Almuda Farms Warehouses to remove their organs and sell them on the black market for large sums of money. Albert wears an unusually large amount of jewelry on his person, most likely taken as souvenirs from his victims.

He is voiced by Gregory Franklin.

What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • Kidnapped numerous innocent survivors and harvested their organs to sell on black markets.
  • Attacked Nick and sticked him with his syringe with hallucination drug, making him unconscious.
  • Brought Nick to his table intending to harvest his organs as well.
  • Operated on a young girl Alejandra Garcia, and tried to harvest her alive, it's possibly the most heinous and horrible death he could come up with.
  • Was very paranoid about his organs, claiming that they belong to him.
  • When Nick accused him of being a murderer, who killed many innocent survivors, he justified it as a way to be businessman who needed money.
  • Under the influence of the drug, Nick started to hallucinate survivors as Albert's clones.
  • Tried to kill Nick with a circular saw.
  • Tried to harvest the organs of the survivors, who were in the warehouse.
  • Maniacally laughed when Nick tried to attack him, just a prove of how crazy and careless he is.
  • While many bosses are represented with sins, it was shown to be an outbreak that caused their behavior, unlike Albert.


  • Along with General Hemlock and Marian Mallon, he is one of the three Pure Evils in Dead Rising series.
  • While not as heinous or destructive as Mallon or Hemlock; Albert stands out due to his possession of fewer resources and more direct evil methods, unlike the formers, who killed indirectly via the outbreaks and bombings.