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There are two essential ingredients needed to earn loyalty of your students. Affection and fear.
~ Akira Takaoka's belief about training.
What naughty children...trying to sneak up on dear old dad, you disappoint me. I thought I raised you better then that. I know some boys and girls that are going to have to go to summer school.
~ Akira Takaoka to the Class 3-E students.
That's right... That's how you do it, sonny boy.
~ Takaoka before his second fight with Nagisa after he blows up the antidote used to cure the students.

Akira Takaoka (鷹岡 明) is the opening antagonist of the manga series Assassination Classroom and the main antagonist of the first season of its anime adaptation. A trained soldier-turned-teacher, he was initially introduced as a very kind and helpful educator, only to be later revealed as a thuggish disciplinarian who abuses his strength and power through brute force and violence.

He was voiced by Kenta Miyake in Japanese, and by Justin Cook in the English dub.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • In the first hint to his true nature, we see Akira patting the shoulders of boys with heavily bruised backs and arms; confirming that Akira mercilessly abused them.
  • After revealing his true nature, he'd proceed to kick Hiroto in the stomach, slap Yukiko across the face and attempted to throw an unrestrained punch to Hinano's face. Ultimately revealing his cruel nature and revelling in it.
  • He makes a snarky remark at Tadaomi's expense about him training the other half of Class 3-E to be killers while the other half dying from the brutal exercises he intends to put them through, ultimately showing his lack of care and remorse for the students lives or well-being.
  • Akira did all this to corrupt students into becoming his killing machines, despite him being only assigned to stop Korosensei.
  • Later in the series, orchestrates the infections of a man-made virus that would infect half of Class 3-E, this virus in particular being fatal and uncurable without the antidote that Akira himself has in his possession. Takaoka didn't know his assassins have given him a defunct virus, as they didn't want to kill innocent children.
  • Hired the assassins to kill any would-be infiltrators to his location. As Takaoka knew the poisoned students' friends may come for him, this showed he is willing to kill a lot of children as well as Karasuma just for revenge against his humiliation.
  • After smooth-talking Nagisa and co to follow him to the helipad, he'd challenge Nagisa in a fight and proceed to beat him mercilessly in spite of the fact that Nagisa is a teenager.
  • He'd also proceed to toss away and blow up the case that had the vaccines of the virus while laughing maniacally without even a glint of remorse.
  • Attempts to get revenge by killing Nagisa once and for all.


  • Akira Takaoka and Shiro are the only two Pure Evils in the Assassination Classroom series.

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