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Akihiro Kurata is the main antagonist of the Kurata Arc in Digimon Data Squad. He is the first truly evil human being to appear in one of the animated series, where other human antagonists have always redeemed themselves before the end of the story. Previously, evil human antagonists had appeared in various franchise-based video games, such as Analogman in Digimon World.


Kurata was originally Spencer Damon's assistant during their exploration of the Digital World who believed Digimon are a threat to humans as he seeks completely destroy most of them with his artificial Gizumon while subjugating the rest for world dominion. When the Tactics Squad learned his true plans, he turns the Confidentiality Ministry on them while awakening Belphemon. Later, he takes control of Belphemon himself. After Belphemon's defeat, he ends up a victim of his own space-oscillation bomb.

What makes him Pure Evil

  • He wants to sadistically destroy all Digimon that he can't personally control all because of a petty grudge.
  • Creating the Gizumon, mechanical monstrosities that completely kill other Digimon by stopping them from reincarnating like usual.
  • Creating a weapon of mass destruction to kill thousands of Digimon in one shot.
  • Forcing Thomas to work for him by threatening to kill his little sister in an experiment, and trying to replicate his hybrid experiments on said sister.
  • Awakening a mighty Demon Lord and merging with it to destroy all of his enemies so that he could then wipe out all Digimon and have total control of both the Digital World and the human world.

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