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We are home. We live everywhere and anywhere we choose. The world is our garden.
~ Queen Akasha to her new groom Lestat.
Join me or die.
~ Akasha

Queen Akasha, also simply known as Akasha, is the main antagonist of the novel series The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and its 2002 film adaptation Queen of the Damned.

She is the oppressive queen of the vampires because she was the very first vampire ever born. According to the novel series The Vampire Chronicles, Akasha is one of the two lost-long ancient vampires alongside her husband and king, Enkil, who are both called Those Who Must Be Kept.

She was portrayed by the late singer Aaliyah in her second-to-last film role.

What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Despite her outer beauty she was utterly ruthless, sadistic and cold-hearted vampire, devoid of love and compassion to others.
  • Hired witch sisters Maharet and Mekara to make her commune with supernatural spirits and after they failed her and she was attacked by the spirit Amel, she ordered to publicly rape them by her servant Khayman, even though they warned her not to provoke the spirits and she disobeyed them.
  • When she was awakened, she tyrannically ruled the vampires, hunting and murdering countless people.
  • Tried to convince Lestat into joining her, and kill the 99% of world's men, and to set up a new "Eden" in which women, with Akasha as their Goddess, reign. He ultimately declined her offer and Marius was disgusted and said that there's nothing good in her conquest, no benefit to others and she simply wants to rule and doesn't care about the lives of others.
  • Despite claiming she loved Lestat, she actually wanted to enslave him and make him join her by force.
  • Ripped the heart of the vampire, who danced with her, just for fun and turned the vampire clubs members into dust and set the entire club to fire.
  • Slayed over hundred of people just for fun and kept their remnants in her home.
  • Tried to tempt Lestat into joining her and becoming her king.
  • When Jesse and her grandmother and ancients appeared, Akasha ordered Lestat to kill them.
  • After Lestat freed himself from her, she attacked and murdered two ancients.

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