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Sakazuki, formerly known as Akainu, is one of the main antagonists of the One Piece anime and manga series, and one of the main antagonists of the Marineford Arc. He is the current fleet admiral of the Marines, giving him absolute power over the entire organization.


Twenty years before the beginning of the series, Sakazuki, along with four other vice admirals, was sent on a mission to the island of Ohara to stop researchers from studying the Void Century. The original plan was to kill the scholars, but to allow the innocent to escape via an evacuation ship. However, Sakazuki ordered his men to bomb the ship and kill everyone on it, to prevent the possibility of even one scholar from escaping.

Years later, Sakazuki was promoted to Admiral and adopted the alias "Akainu," meaning "red dog." He would participate in the Summit War of Marineford. During the war, Akainu confronted and fought members of the Whitebeard Pirates. At one point, Akainu personally confronted a Marine soldier when he begged Sakazuki to allow him to leave the war. Akainu killed him by burning him alive with his magma.

He later manipulated Squard into stabbing Whitebeard by falsely claiming that Whitebeard made a deal with the Marines to let Ace go in exchange for his allies' lives.

Akainu continued fighting Whitebeard and Whitebeard Pirates until Luffy was with the help of his allies was able to save Ace from his execution. Akainu pursued Ace and Luffy and mocked Ace’s father, Whitebeard. Akainu taunted Ace into fighting him and Akainu attempted to kill Luffy. However, Ace suffered a fatal blow from Akainu and dies. Luffy had a mental breakdown from seeing his brother die. Obsessed with trying to kill Luffy, Akainu tried to kill him but fights an enraged Whitebeard and was defeated by him. After recovering from his battle, Akainu ignored the threat that Blackbeard poses, and continued to pursue Jinbe and Luffy in order to murder Luffy. Akainu is stopped by the Whitebeard Pirates and Crocodile and Koby tries to tell him to stand down. However, Akainu attempted to kill Koby until Shanks saves him. The war ends and Akainu was displeased that he could not murder Luffy.

Years later, Sakazuki became a Fleet Admiral after winning a duel against Aokiji, who resigned. Since then, Sakazuki worked even closely under the World Government. When Doflamingo is defeated by Luffy and Dressrosa was destroyed, Sakazuki was outraged at Fujitora for telling the Dressrosa people that the World Government assisted Doflamingo during his reign. Sakazuki is later seen, looking over the proceedings of the Reverie and getting information on Big Mom and Kaido. He later talks to Sengoku about Kozuki Oden.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • In his first appearance, Akainu orders a ship full of people to be killed near the island of Ohara because he thinks there could be a researcher on the ship. The ship contained not only many civilians, but even Marine soldiers who were there to escort the people off the island. His actions puts him past the Moral Event Horizon and shocks his other colleagues such as Spandine and Aokiji who denounced his actions as excessive.
  • He is seen murdering at least one Marine soldier for leaving the Marineford War. His killing is extrajudicial and demonstrates that he is willing to kill his own subordinates when they displease him.
  • He deceives Squard into believing that Whitebeard intended to sacrifice the other crews in order to save Ace and caused Squard to turn on Whitebeard and stab him.
  • Just as Ace prepares to flee, Akainu insults Whitebeard in his successful attempt to enrage Ace and fight a losing battle, easily overpowering him and later killing him, causing all the effort and sacrifices made to save Ace to be in vain.
  • He causes the first present-day story death by killing Portgas D. Ace. Ace's death was so traumatic to Luffy that it causes him to have a mental breakdown which left him in an immobile state where he could not react to anything in his environment. Ace's death later breaks Luffy's spirit. Compared to other villains, Akainu is the only villain who was successful in breaking Luffy's spirit.
  • After Ace's death, Akainu then attempts to kill Luffy while he was in a traumatic state, only to be stopped by Marco.
  • Akainu encourages the Marines to escalate the war by telling them to destroy the Whitebeard Pirates. He intended to have all the Whitebeard Pirates and their allies killed when they stood in his way to murder Luffy. Akainu was enraged at not getting the opportunity to murder Luffy and wanted to kill the pirates that stood in his way.
  • Akainu attempts to murder Koby, a Marine like himself, when the latter tries to tell everyone to de-escalate the war. Akainu was angry at Koby for standing in his way of trying to go after Luffy; he intended to murder Koby in front of other Marines and pirates alike until Shanks saved him.
  • Akainu lacks any of the redeeming qualities that other villains have. He has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is willing to murder both Marines (the people he is supposed to work with) and the civilians (the people he is supposed to serve and protect) as long as it serves what he considers the greater good. He values the concept of Absolute Justice above the lives of the civilians and his teammates. This point is also demonstrated when he shows apathy to the people of Dressrosa after Doflamingo's downfall and was more concerned about supporting a cover-up to save his reputation as Fleet Admiral, and was further displeased when Fujitora exposed the incident rather than allowing for a cover-up to happen, to which he had Fujitora banned from entry into any Marine base until he dealt with Law and Luffy first.
    • Furthermore, when Fujitora later works with Riku Doldo III and Nefertari Cobra where the two kings would propose on disbanding the Seven Warlords of the Sea at the latest Levely, he considers Fujitora's plan naïve due to the recent pirate alliances, despite that Fujitora already has a plan to replace the Seven Warlords. This clearly ignores the fact the severity of the actions that both Crocodile and Doflamingo had caused to the people of Arabasta and Dressrosa, and that the World Government did little to stop it as both of them were part of the Seven Warlords (though several Marine officers did get involved in both incidents due to the Straw Hats being there), which made the disbandment of the Seven Warlords necessary, and also shows he cares more about the World Government's reputation and it being seen as infallible, than anything else.
  • Even though Akainu is shown to have a rough childhood, it doesn't take away from all the atrocities he committed later in life in the stringest pursuit of "Absolute Justice".


  • Akainu is one of the few villains in One Piece and the only Marine that is considered Pure Evil, alongside Hody Jones, Donquixote Doflamingo, Caesar Clown, and Captain Kuro.
  • According to Jinbe, Akainu spared Aokiji's life during the 10 days duel to the death to become Fleet Admiral. However, the events of the 10 days duel where Akainu spared Aokiji's life is off-screened and it is told from Jinbe's perspective with his interpretations than from the narrator's narration.

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