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What's my name?
~ Ajax's famous catchphrase; also his last words.
Joke around all you want. One thing that never survives in this place is a sense of humor.
~ Ajax to Deadpool.

Francis Freeman, also known as Ajax, is the main antagonist of the 2016 superhero comedy film Deadpool.

He is based on the character from Marvel Comics. He is a member of the Weapon X Program and the man responsible for the creation of Deadpool. He is also a powerful mutant who gained enhanced physical attributes and an immunity to pain. After finding out what the treatment did to him, Deadpool makes it his life goal to hunt down Francis and force him to reverse the program.

He was portrayed by Ed Skrein, who also played Thomas Alexander Upton in TAU.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Recruited people with nothing to lose into implanting a potential for mutant genetics with the false pretense that his operation creates superheroes when they’re really creating super slaves, and then subjects those into intense torture to provide stress to awaken the mutant gene.
  • Subjecting Wade Wilson to torture after his mutant gene kicked in, disfiguring him in the process, then locks him back in an asphyxiation chamber just because Wade was annoying.
  • Upon witnessing Wade's deformity, he taunts him by claiming he knows how to fix it, but won't. He later admits that this was a lie to make Wade more reluctant to kill him.
  • Impaled Wade when he escaped and left him to burn alive along with the other prisoners in his lab.
  • Kidnapped Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa, and attempted to kill her in front of him by locking her in an asphyxiation chamber.
  • Has shown no concern for Angel Dust whenever her life is in grave danger, and only views her as a valuable minion and associate, rather than viewing her as his true lover.
  • Tries to kill Deadpool by stabbing him in the head in an attempt to stop his invincibility.
  • Despite all his comedic moments, they don't make him less evil. In fact, they only show off his sadism.

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