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You want to know what lies beyond the veil of death? You will... when I kill you!
~ Ahmanet.
I loved my father. I wanted him to do the same for me.
~ Ahmanet's bitter resentment towards her Pharaoh father and false claims she loved him

Ahmanet (also known as Princess Ahmanet, the Mummy, and the Monster) is the titular main antagonist of the 2017 horror fantasy action-adventure film The Mummy, which is the first and so far only film of Universal Studios' Dark Universe series.

She is a powerful ancient Egyptian mummy with godlike dark powers, who came back from the dead on a quest for world domination. Her return as a reanimated mummy was a result of her making a deal with Set, the Egyptian God of Death, for dark powers she had, allowing her to cheat death itself.

She was portrayed by Sofia Boutella.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil

  • Made a pact with Set, the god of Darkness, to bring Darkness and Chaos to the world.
  • Sold her soul to Set and unleashed death and destruction throughout the world.
  • Killed multiple people merely for pleasure and power.
  • She caused mass destruction in London with a sandstorm, murdering several people and endangering much more of London, citizens and the city threatened by said sandstorm. Her glee at the chaos she caused showed whatever redeeming qualities she had prior to this were gone as of then.
  • She used necromancy to resurrect the Knights Templar and have them murder several innocent scientists who were searching the tomb.
  • She murders Nick's love interest and near murders Nick himself out of spite, sadism and desire for power.
  • Despite the filmmakers intending for her to be sympathetic, her excuse (losing the throne to her baby brother) is far too petty to justify the crimes she commits.

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