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I come from the darkness of the underworld... and all will tremble before me!
~ Ah Puch
Well, you have a strange scent! You smell too... alive!
~ Ah Puch
You think you know pain? You think you know agony? My servants will show you their true meaning!
~ Ah Puch

Ah Puch is a playable antagonist in the MOBA Smite. He is the Mayan god of death, darkness, and disaster. He is the lord of the ninth hell, the lowest and most horrible of them all, and king of the Mayan Underworld.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Tortured countless innocent souls of people who were sent to his realm and intented to torture them for all eternity.
  • Stalked and killed lost humans and gods and tortured them in his hell.
  • Forced people to do ritual sacrifices for him.
  • Enhanced his demonic army with souls of killed humans and gods, intending to conquer and eradicate all life on Earth.
  • Searched corpses of humans and gods for his army.


  • He, alongside Da Ji and Bakasura are the only three Smite Pure Evils.
  • He is Pure Evil, while his original mythology counterpart isn't for lacking the moral agency.