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No one escapes Aggregor.
~ Aggregor

Aggregor is the main antagonist of the first season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

He is an alien warlord who seeks five aliens in order to absorb their powers, so he can obtain the Map of Infinity allowing him to enter the Forge of Creation, so he can absorb the powers of a Baby Celestialsapien, and use it to become omnipotent and conquer the universe.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voiced Ragnarok in the same show, General William Kincaid in X-Men: Legends, Toyman in Superman: Doomsday, the Joker in Batman: Under the Red Hood and Rough Cut in DC Showcase: Catwoman.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Murdered a pacifistic alien for his powers.
  • Captured multiple aliens and absorbed their powers for himself, killing them in the process, to give him the power he needed.
  • He murdered multiple plumbers on-screen in a brutal fassion.
  • Brutally tortured Ben Tennyson as Brainstorm, attempting to turn him into Amphibian for his own purposes and then planning to kill him once completely done with him.
  • He refuses to listen to Kevin when he says absorbing the Ultimatrix's powers will drive him insane, as he only cared about gaining ultimate power.
  • While Ben and Kevin were holding open a door leading to a piece of the map to prevent it from crushing an unconscious Gwen, Aggregor took the map, gleefully mocked them and knowingly left them to eventually drop it and kill her (although this wouldn't happen).
  • Almost destroyed an entire world by taking the part of the Map of Infinity keeping it together, resulting in the world breaking apart.
  • Attempting to murder the Sentinel due to not telling him the location of the last piece of the Map of Infinity.
  • He tried to kill and absorb a baby Celestialsapien for it's omnipotence in order to become a god and rule the entire universe.
  • He attempted to kill Ben, Gwen, Kevin and young Ben.
  • He is indirectly responsible for Kevin becoming temporarily evil again.


  • He is often considered by several, including Dwayne McDuffie himself, to be a greater threat than Vilgax. However, due to Vilgax's destruction of all reality in Ben 10: Omniverse eclipsing any of Aggregor's actions in terms of scale, this is ultimately untrue.
    • Despite this, many of Aggregor's actions were incredibly heinous, even by the standards of the show and were certainly comparable to Vilgax's actions up until that point, and he also lacked the resources to destroy all of reality, which Vilgax could only do due to possessing a Chronosapien Time Bomb.
  • He helped cement the darker tone of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
  • He was an incredibly competent villain, as he was successful in almost every one of his episode appearances.

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