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I'm getting off this plane!
~ Agent Gibbs' last words before his death.

Agent Gibbs is a major antagonist of the 1997 film Air Force One.

He is a corrupt Secret Service agent and a Radek agent. He is the one responsible for letting Egor Korshunov and his band of Russian terrorists hijack Air Force One to have General Ivan Radek released from prison.

He was portrayed by Xander Berkeley.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Initially was the good and trustworthy friend of President James Marshall, but then after the arrest of General Ivan Radek, betrayed him and plotted with Egor Korshunov and his accomplices to hold Marshall, his entire staff and his family hostage on Air Force One in order to coerce Russian President Petrov into releasing Radek. He is also the reason why Krushnov and his men were able to get on the Air Force One, making him indirectly responsible for all the deaths in the movie.
  • Assasinates several agents and unlocks the plane's on-board armory for Korshunov and his henchmen and to avoid suspicion acted loyal to Marshall.
  • Watches indifferent how Marshall's wife and daughter were threatened despite his duty being to protect them.
  • When he reveals his true colors, he shoots down Major Caldwell and a parajumper, demanding Marshall to give him the remaining emergency strap.
  • Before his death, he even assures Marshall, when called out for betraying his trust, that the next President will also trust him, hinting that he planned betray all of Marshall's successors had Marshall not stopped him.


  • He is the only Pure Evil villain portrayed by Xander Berkeley.
  • Despite not being the main villain, Gibbs is more evil than his comrades General Ivan Radek and Egor Korshunov, Radek having little characterization and Korshunov genuinely believing in his ideology and caring about his men while Gibbs does not care about anyone and is only for the money.
  • A deleted story goes more in detail about Gibbs' motivations. He was a disillusioned CIA Agent after the end of the Cold War. However, they don't make it into the movie so this factor doesn't count.


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