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It doesn't matter where you stand, I'll still destroy you, just like I'll destroy them and the ENTIRE WORLD!
~ Acnologia.
I recognize you as my enemy, Dragon. And I shall slay you.
~ Acnologia to Igneel.

Acnologia, also known and fearfully reputed as the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse is the overarching antagonist of the anime/manga series Fairy Tail.

He is an incredibly powerful Dragon Slayer who can take on the form of a Dragon and is the self-proclaimed Dragon King. He succeeded in killing nearly all Dragons and is now hellbent on killing all remaining Dragon Slayers. After Zeref's demise, he becomes the final villain of the series.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Destroying a fishing town who offered human sacrifices to dragons.
  • Committing genocide against dragons.
  • Severly injuring Aldoron when he encounters the Wood Dragon God.
  • Attacking Tenrou Island and Fairy Tail Wizards in it. This causes them to be put in stasis for 7 years.
  • Brutally killing Igneel.
  • Attempting to wipe out the world for no apparent reason.
  • Killing God Serena in one swipe as part of his crusade to erase all remnants of dragons (referring to dragon slayers who were taught Dragon Slayer Magic by their Dragon foster parents and artificial ones alike).
  • Destroying Irene Belserion's corpse while maniacally laughing after her Universe One is dispelled upon her death.
  • Trapping all Dragon Slayers in the ravines of time to extract their Element Magics to stabilize himself.


  • Acnologia is, alongside Jackal and Zash Caine, one of the only three Fairy Tail Pure Evils.
    • He is also one of the few Hiro Mashima villains to be Pure Evil, along with Illega, Müller, Kurenai Kougetsu, and the previously mentioned Fairy Tail Pure Evils.

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