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Cry! Suffer! Be Afraid!
~ N Ma fearmongering.
What am I being filled with? I'm FULL, I'm FULL!!!
~ N Ma's final words.

Absolute Hades God N Ma is the omnicidal and hungry God of the cult Infershia. Many years ago he ravaged Magitopia and in modern day (after his imprisonment by the Heavenly Saint Blagel) he has arrived to the surface of Earth in order to spread his eternal reign of darkness. With only the Magirangers to stop him their long battle begins. He serves as the main antagonist of Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

He was voiced by Katsumi Shiono and by Daisuke Namikawa.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Despite N Ma being a parasite there is nothing that suggests he lacks a moral agency. Furthermore he is completely aware and enjoying the evil deeds he commits.
  • Formed the cult like empire Infershia in order to satiate his own selfish goal of destruction and hunger, willing to harm any life for this.
  • Had his forces descend upon Magitopia and terrorize the peaceful land which lead the Heavenly Saints to risk their own lives to fight in an unnecessary conflict.
  • N Ma's actions forced Heavenly Saint Blagel to sacrifice himself by trapping the parasite along with him behind a seal door. Therefore, he couldn't return to his family and they needed to live many years without a father (for the Ozu siblings) and husband (for Miyuki Ozu).
  • With Blagel being right next to him N Ma spread his parasitic energy over him and brainwashed plus transformed Blagel into the Magic Knight Wolzard.
    • By doing so it wiped his memories completely, meaning he was used as a pawn even when he only escaped the seal door for a master he didn't even want to serve.
    • As well as that it completely robbed him of the chance of visiting his family as he could travel to the surface as Wolzard.
  • After the Ozu siblings had been kidnapped by Meemy on his orders and were going to be sacrifices to him, Kai (Magi Red) rashly attacked him and when he did so N Ma tortured him with his red lightning. Furthermore, Wolzard who has reverted to Blagel by this point was forced to watch his son suffer with constant pain being inflicted.
  • Required a member of the Infershia Pantheon to be given as a dead vessel for him to inhabit, showing that he had no regard for his minions.
    • When Titan betrayed Dagon and the Infershia as a whole, N Ma had no problem with gladly using his corpse as a vessel.
  • Using his new vessel the parasite began to destroy Magitopia to his heart's content and felt pleasure in it.
  • Destroyed the palace of Heavenly Saint Magiel to destroy all good magic, and while she survived this was a highly evil act.
  • When Snowgel tried to interfere, he nearly died by trying to save her.
  • When Sungel tried to stop him, he blasted his face while Blagel watched horrified.
    • Proceeded to do the same with Blagel and threw both corpses to the Magirangers as they too felt the psychological suffering.
    • While both were later revived the meaning of their deaths at the moment deeply affected the Magirangers and serves as a great act of depravity.
  • Shows the Magirangers the future he envisions with a wasteland becoming of Earth scattered with only skulls and dust. Thus proving that he wants only darkness and the death of every living thing.
    • Furthermore in this dimension crushes one last living flower, showing his now apparent disregard and hate for anything existing apart from the cold and post cataclysmic badlands.
  • Consumed Magirangers' magic and destroyed MagiLegend robo.
  • Attempted to finish the heroes, leading to Kai sacrificing all of their magic to return them back to Earth.
  • When he is concerned that Dagon has perished it is not out of care but because he is on his last line of defense.
  • When the Magirangers come together he pressures them to fear him and remarks arrogantly how he could have lost before his death while consuming too much magic.


  • He is one of two Pure Evils in Mahou Sentai Magiranger, along with his minion Dagon.
  • While he and his Power Rangers counterpart are both considered Pure Evil, he is arguably more evil than his Power Rangers counterpart, Octomus the Master, showing more cruelty and depravity.

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