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It has to be perfect. There is no point if it isn't perfect.
~ Aaron Peel to Villanelle.

Aaron Peel is the main antagonist of Series 2 of the TV series Killing Eve. He is a sinister tech businessman and owner/CEO of Pharaday UK, and also secretly a cybercriminal and serial killer who intended on selling a weapon that was capable of accessing information on any person in the world for blackmail and extortion.

He was portrayed by Henry Lloyd-Hughes.


Aaron grew up with his sister Amber to his father Alister, the owner of Pharaday UK which Aaron was inherited to, and he became paranoid, not gaining any friends or lovers, and controlling of his sister. At some point in his life, Aaron became a fan of snuff films and secretly began luring women into his Rome property where he would kill them and record their deaths so he can watch them again later. Wanting to expand his reach outside the company, Aaron hired the Ghost to kill his father and several of his colleagues so he could fully control Pharaday UK and use its resources to create a cyber-weapon that could access information on anyone in the world, including via emails, S&Ms, online accounts and phone records) and sell it on the black market to the highest bidder. Over the next few months while Ghost killed her targets, Aaron was approached by MI6 who were investigating his father's death. Due to already controlling the company, they don't suspect him despite his bullying behavior. After his last target was killed, Aaron fully controlled Pharaday and began working on his weapon while also planning to sell the company as well. After having a journalist killed for secretly recording their interview, Aaron set up a meeting with potential bidders. During a dinner, Aaron met with Billie Marie Morgan, whom Amber befriended in her AA meetings. He began to suspect her since she didn't know philosophy like she claimed she did and began to rudely try and out her, only to earn himself being hit in the nose by a book Villanelle held. Taking an interest in Billie for standing up to him and learning that she doesn't exist in any database, Aaron invited her to his meeting in Rome with the criminals, where he began to control and monitor her every moves. Eventually, during a final confrontation with Eve Polastri and Billie outing herself as Villanelle, Aaron learnt that they were working together. After Villanelle learnt of his secret snuff films, he offered her to work for him in improving them on the condition she killed Eve while he watched. She then turns on him by slicing his throat and makes him watch himself bleed out through a mirror.

What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Killing countless women by luring them into his Rome residence and killing them in the guest bedroom while also recording their deaths so he could watch them again afterwards.
  • Assassinating his father along with his colleagues so he could inherit/take over the company completely.
  • Abusively monitoring his sister against her will, forbidding her from making friends during AA meetings and constantly mocking their achievements.
  • Having a journalist killed for recording their interview, but not before toying with him about knowing of his S&M sessions with his wife.
  • He embezzled his company's resources of information on other people across the globe to create his weapon that was capable of all extents of extortion and blackmail.
  • He controlled Villanelle's movements in his residence, verbally abusing her, monitoring her constantly and making her eat and wear whatever he chooses her to.
  • He tried to sell his weapon on the black market to the highest bidding criminals, without any regard for what they were going to use it for.
  • After learning about Eve and Villanelle working against him, he tried to convince Villanelle to join him in improving the snuff films of his murders, on the condition she killed Eve while he watched.
  • There was no clear indication that he had any genuine love for his sister albeit not displaying it. Given that he had no problem with killing his own father, it is likely that he would've killed her without a second thought if she ever found out what he had done.


  • He is widely considered far more vile than the likes of Villanelle (who, despite also being a psychopath, is capable of love and is disgusted with him in general) and is the only villain in the TV series to be Pure Evil.

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