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Old Aarfy never paid for it in his life.
~ Aarfy's most infamous quote.

Captain Aardvaark, mostly referred to as Aarfy, is a major villain in Joseph Heller's satirical 1961 war novel, Catch-22, its 1970 film adaptation and its 2019 Hulu miniseries. He's a navigator in the U.S Army Air Force who is stationed along with the protagonist, John Yossarian in Italy and goes from arrogant quipster to unrelenting tormentor to murderous rapist.

He was played by the late Charles Grodin in the film and Rafi Gavron in the miniseries.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • Tormenting Yossarian during perilous bombing missions as they were near slain by anti aircraft flak by jabbing him violently between the ribs with the stem of his pipe and freaking him out with an eerily laid back attitude, not even dropping the act when Yossarian suffered a mental breakdown and burst into tears begging Aarfy to leave him alone.
  • Arranged a gang rape in his fraternity days where he trapped two unsuspecting high school girls, blackmailed them into sex, then went on to rape and torment them for more than ten hours before robbing them and throwing them out on the streets.
  • Cockily admitted to "prodding" multiple poor girls when they were drunk past consent, only sparing rich girls the assault cause he might be able to impress their well-to-do parents.
  • Mocked Nately for falling in love with a sex worker, whom he called "rubbish", instead suggesting they blackmail, take advantage of and rob her and her friends as he had the high school girls. He added that they could threaten to push them out of a window.
  • When Nately's sex worker crush started getting harassed by increasingly-more-aggressive generals in the officers' apartment which prompted Yossarian to turn to Aarfy for help, Aarfy simply cackled at the situation and asked why he should ever help her, displaying a full willingness to let her be abused.
  • Raped the innocent Italian maid Michaela, shoved her in the clothes closet for two hours with a hand over her mouth to silence her, then once the city curfew sirens sounded he tossed her out of the window, murdering her knowing that cause she wasn't allowed outside post-curfew, her death would be treated as a civilian matter.
  • Once Yossarian found out about this and confronted Aarfy, decrying him and asserting he would go to jail, Aarfy Showed 0 remorse and instead kept glorying how he never paid for sex. Though he was worried about getting arrested, he was confident he wouldn't be since Michaela was merely a "poor servant". In the end he let Yossarian get arrested for traveling into Rome without leave of absence, while the rapist himself got off the hook.

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